What Are Waterfall Style Roman Shades in Nampa?

Roman shades in Nampa come in all sorts of styles. The waterfall style is one of the most popular options, especially if you’re not limited to a minimalist décor style.

Will this style work for you? What types of benefits do you gain from the roman shade? Here’s all you need to know.

What Is a Waterfall Roman Shade?

The name of the shade comes from the way it looks when opened. You may also hear these shades referred to as cascading roman shades in Nampa. When opened, the material cascades over the top of itself, creating small loops in the material that sit neatly over the top of each other.

When opened, that cascading look sometimes disappears. It’s going to depend on the amount of material in the shade and the way it’s set up. You can have the shade set so the waterfall elements are sewn onto a roller shade to give it that flowing look all the time. However, there’s beauty in changing the appearance as you open and close your shades.

Block Extra Light with Waterfall Roman Shades in Nampa

When closed, the shades are going to work the exact way as all other roman and roller shades. You block all the light that comes in, filtering it depending on the type of material you buy. The benefit of light blocking with waterfall shades come when they’re opened.

The material tends to hang a little lower from the top of the window. This helps to block that top part of your window, which is where the UV rays shine through most of the day. You want to block the rays, but you don’t necessarily want to block all the light. You don’t even necessarily want to use the shades fully, and you don’t need to with the way the cascading parts sit in the window.

You’re not going to block all the light with these. They help to just ease the glare from the UV rays, lowing temperatures and making the room more comfortable to sit in.

They Create a Flowing Look in the Home

Part of the reason you’re looking at roman shades in Nampa is for the décor element. They are beautiful additions to the window, and waterfall shades are among the best. The natural look of the shades when they are open add to a flowing look around the room.

The only time these shades aren’t going to add to a look is if you’re going for a minimalist décor style. You want something simple in this case. However, there is a move to adding the cascading shades in with a minimalist look. With the right colors, you’ll be able to manage it without causing too much of a distraction.

There are just so many different types of roman shades in Nampa. Trying to pick the right one can be difficult. When you want something that adds to the décor with ease and offers a few extra light control benefits, you’ll want to turn to the waterfall roman shade.