What is Minimalist Design?

Minimalist Design is a style that embraces the mantra “less is more”. It is a design style that is simple, orderly, and calm. Each element is carefully selected with the focus being on form and function. The palette is often monochromatic and is accented with texture and the use of natural materials from light woods to stone and marble.

Modern Minimalism often adds contrast with white walls and high contrast accents in black or charcoal grey. Cabinetry is sleek and clean lined. Each accent item is carefully selected to create a curated artistic look.

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What are the best window treatments for Minimalist Design?

1) Roller Shades

Clean lined roller shades are the perfect choice. Select a neutral color and add a modern metal fascia to hide the roller. Have black framed windows? Choose a black fascia to blend in with your window frame when the shade is raised. Also, just because your window frames are black doesn’t mean you should select a black shade fabric. Choose the color that works best when the shade is lowered. For minimal design choose a shade material close to your wall color.

Available with cordless lift or motorization, roller shades provide a minimal look with no distracting cords. Choose from a range of opacities from light filtering to blackout allowing you to not only control light and privacy, but keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

2) Natural Woven Shades

Add texture with natural woven shades. Select from refined weaves in sustainable materials like jute, bamboo and grasses handcrafted into Roman shades. Lined with a light filtering or room darkening lining, woven shades not only add texture, but can filter light and add privacy. Available with cordless and motorized options woven natural shades are modern and child friendly.

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3) Fabric Roman Shades

Tailored Roman shades are another great option for a minimalist design. Select a color that blends with your wall color for a seamless look. Choose from fabrics that add texture and softness to the space. Fabric shades are also great for sound absorption. Minimal design features a lot of hard surfaces, so the addition of lined fabric shades helps soften the room.

4) Ripple fold Drapes

Drapes with a clean design like the wave or ripple fold are a wonderful addition to a minimalist space. Floor to ceiling they can cover a large expanse of glass while adding a layer of softness and sound absorption to the space. Select a neutral color that blends in with the wall color for a cohesive feel to the space and to stay true to the minimal design style.

Select modern metal hardware in sleek simple finishes, for minimal design a matte finish is best. Think matte black or brushed nickel. Choose simple geometric finials. Motorize the drapes for a sleek look without the distraction of cords or wands to open and close. Motorization allows you to operate them with ease, so hang them high and accent the height in your space.

Minimalist Design doesn’t have to feel cold and unwelcoming. The uncluttered style actually makes those that enter relax and breathe. The neutral calming color palette, layered with texture, window treatments and natural elements can be very soothing, warm and welcoming.

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