Drapes, Shutters, and Roman Shades in Nampa, Oh My!: Top Interior Design Trends This Spring

Every season, elements of interior design will change. While shutters or drapes may have been the in-thing, roman shades in Nampa have become the bigger deal moving forward. While bright colors can be the option for some rooms, bright, light filtering options are better for others.

It’s time to break down your options for the season and for your home’s needs. Here are the top interior design trends this spring.

Use Your Window Coverings as Focal Points

Start by using your window coverings as a focal point for your room. You’ll have likely heard of this before, but it’s becoming a bigger trend this year. You can also use this to your full advantage.

Your window treatments, whether shutters, roller blinds, or roman shades in Nampa, come in a variety of colors and styles. They can speak to your personality and interests, meaning you add an element of who you are to your room. Start with that and build upon it to make sure the room is completely you.

Consider Organic Materials

When looking at blinds and shades, you’ll want to consider organic, natural materials. Real wood, woven wood, and other similar types of window coverings are the most common. They look absolutely beautiful, are fully practical, and are biodegradable.

Many window coverings will offer “eco-friendly” benefits, but they’re aimed towards saving money on your heating and air conditioning bills. Organic materials will offer those benefits but have the degradable benefits in the long term. You won’t be left with waste piling up on the landfill.

Consider Light Filtering Roller and Roman Shades in Nampa

Light filtering window coverings certainly offer a range of benefits. You can use them throughout the day to get rid of the glare and offer privacy, but you don’t lose all the light. There’s no need to spend money on your electrical lighting in the house when it’s bright daylight outside.

These types of window treatments are perfect in the spring. This is when you will start feeling the heat rise in the home if you allow the UV rays in. Light filtering blinds will block the UV rays without blocking the light, so you feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Consider Luxury Materials for Drapes and Shades

There’s more of a focus on minimalistic styles in interior design right now but these designs aren’t necessarily going to work for you. What about luxury materials instead? These look excellent for drapes, roman shades in Nampa, and other similar window coverings.

The materials include faux fur, silk, velvet, and more. They tend to be thicker to help block the heat from escaping first thing on a morning. During the morning hours in the spring, you can end up needing the heating on because it’s still cold from the overnight low temperatures. The thicker materials help to ease that heating loss to make the mornings more comfortable.

Whether you’re getting blinds, drapes, or roman shades in Nampa, make sure the window treatments work for you. The top interior design trends for the spring are a great place to start to build your own style.

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