Can Solar Screens in Nampa Be Used in the Winter?

As the nights grow longer and the days are colder, you’ll be looking for ways to manage the temperatures in the home. You want to control the light, while gaining privacy. Solar screens in Nampa are perfect in the summer months, but what about in the winter?

Should you leave your solar screens up? Could then be detrimental to your home’s needs if you leave them? Here’s a look at how they do and don’t help in the winter.

They Can Get Damaged in Stormy Weather

The first thing to note is that solar screens in Nampa can be damaged in the storms. But that’s the case regardless of the year. In the summer, you can end up with tornados or high winds that damage the solar screens.

If this is the only reason you’re not leaving your solar screens up, then you’ll want to rethink your options. There are various reasons why you should keep them up.

They’ll Offer Anti-Glare in the Snow

Solar screens are often used because they help to block the glare. This is what makes them so popular in the summer since you want to cut out the high levels of UV rays coming into your home. It’s great when you need to keep the temperature down.

But what about in the winter? Don’t you want the UV rays to warm up your home? Will solar screens in Nampa work against you?

Actually, you can find the screens are beneficial for anti-glare in the snow. The sun hits the snow on the ground and reflects back up. It’s distracting and uncomfortable, leaving you wanting to move from where you’re sitting in the home. The solar screens block that from happening, making your home comfortable without the light loss in the darker winter months.

You Can Gain Some Heating Benefits with Solar Screens in Nampa

There are some heating benefits. You’ll still need internal window treatments for your home, but the solar screens can help a little. They can block some of the heat escaping from your windows. They’re not as good as external shutters, but they help to keep the air a little warmer around the windows, so the heating from the home doesn’t try to escape.

This is excellent if you struggle with heating costs. Every little really does count in this case.

You’ll Gain the Privacy You Crave

It can feel like you have no privacy in the winter. The days are shorter, so you turn the lights on earlier. People can then see into your home easily. That’s not what you want, and solar screens in Nampa can help a little.

They make it harder for people to see through the windows. Day or night, you can gain that little extra privacy that you crave. Doubled with your interior window treatments and you will feel like the house is your safe haven.

It’s time to consider keeping your solar screens in Nampa up during the winter months. While they’re not 100% effective, they offer a few extra benefits that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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