Why Your Business Should Invest in Privacy Window Films

Windows are an important aesthetic and functional part of every commercial property. They allow natural light and air into your business, making the space feel bigger and more comfortable. Windows also protect your belongings. However, some aspects of glass can be disruptive — for example, they can cause glare, or create a lack of privacy. The solution? Consider upgrading the glass in your windows with privacy film.Privacy Window Film

What Is Privacy Window Film?

Privacy window film is a thin, multi-layered material that is applied to glass windows. The film comes in various shades, designs, and levels of performance, as well as varying price points. In general, once applied, window film offers a long-term solution for window concerns with a range of high-value benefits.

Some of the main reasons schedule an expert consultation to discuss privacy window film include:

1. Privacy

One of the main reasons to consider window treatments is more privacy. Although some businesses — such as retail stores — want people to be able to see inside, other types of businesses may wish to prevent passers-by from looking in. Office buildings in particular might want to create a sense of privacy in their spaces.

Privacy window film should allow you to see out — but keep others from seeing in. For this purpose, one-way window film is ideal. This film has a reflective finish that reflects sunlight, much like a mirror. Neighbors and people passing by will only be able to see their own reflection — not what is in your building. While views from the outside are blocked, those inside can still see out. Additionally, the filmed glass still allows a good amount of natural light to pass through.

2. Protect Your Employees From Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet sunlight can travel through windowpanes and into the building. This adds to the daily accumulation of sun exposure of those within the building — and too much sun exposure can negatively affect humans in many ways. Excessive exposure to UV rays can lead to skin damage, eye disorders, cancer, and other problems. It also causes damage to office electronics, like computers and monitors. Finally, it can fade upholstery and speed up the deterioration of furniture, carpets, artwork, and wood flooring.

Window films with solar properties can reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays and help prevent the negative effects of sun exposure.

3. Reduce Glare

Too much sunlight passing through windows can cause glare, making it difficult to see when inside the building. This could force employees to squint, leading to eye damage. Glare is a potential threat to productivity — especially in an office setting. Privacy window film controls the amount of sunlight coming through the windows, meaning glare is reduced, but natural light is maintained.

4.    Decrease Heat Indoors

Too much sunlight can also increase the amount of solar heat coming through the windows, making the building uncomfortably warm. Window film provides a degree of solar control that's not present in other types of window coverings.Film can provide as much as an 85% heat reduction in your building compared with untreated glass — meaning more comfort for the building’s occupants.

5. Save Energy

Owners of commercial buildings are always looking to keep energy costs down. The good news is window film repels heat during the hot months, and conserves it inside the building during the winter. This means more comfortable interior temperatures, and could even increase productivity. You also won't have to depend solely on HVAC systems, which minimizes energy use.

6. Improve Curb Appeal

In today's market, you can find a wide selection of commercial window film. Choices include decorative film with patterns, designs, and colors to make your building look more attractive. You can also cut the film into various sizes and designs to incorporate your company logo, adding a unique, creative touch to your commercial space.

7. Boost Safety and Security

Thanks to its reflective properties, privacy window film makes it harder for people to see inside your building — and if potential intruders can’t see what's inside, they won’t be enticed to break in.

Window film also provides reinforcement. The film can hold the glass together and prevent shattering in case of breakage due to impact. This helps to reduce the potential of flying glass fragments, which could cause property damage and personal injury. WIndow film is a window treatment that provides security and privacy for occupants.

8. Minimize Vandalism

Many property owners and businesses have experienced the negative effects of graffiti-related vandalism. It is unsightly and costly to clean, repaint — or, even worse, replace the entire window. It could also damage your business or property's reputation if lewd messages or pictures are sprayed on your building.

Anti-graffiti films create a protective layer for your windows while allowing for quick removal of graffiti. This helps keep up appearances and reduce costs. Film is also scratch-resistant, and vandals would have a tough time breaking through the film.Natural Light

3 Facts about Privacy Window Film

Window film has become more popular for its ability to let in natural light, without the adverse effects of sunlight. Depending on how dark and opaque the film is, it will affect how much natural light gets in — as well as improving the appearance of your glass windows.

Second, privacy window film can’t give you privacy 24 hours a day. The window treatment contains a layer of metalized film that gives it a mirrored/reflective effect when the sun shines on it. This effect works in the opposite direction at night, because it's brighter inside than outside if lights are turned on.

There's currently no window film that gives you 24-hour privacy while still seeing out. You might want to consider using a different solution for nighttime privacy.

What Can I Put On the Window for Privacy?

When it comes to 24-hour window privacy, blinds and window film go well together. Blinds can be opened in the morning to let in as much natural light as possible, while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of window film. At night, blinds can be closed for privacy. You can choose from Venetian, vertical, Roman, roller, and horizontal blinds. Blinds are made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, faux wood, or plastic. There are also day and night shades, which are made with alternating bands of fabric — one translucent and one opaque.

Curtains can also be used together with window film for decoration and privacy. You can open curtains during the day to let in natural light, and draw them closed at night for privacy. Curtains are available in various colors, fabrics, styles, and textures, so you can easily match to the rest of your décor.

Other options include shades, drapes, and shutters to help you get 24-hour privacy when using window film.

At Budget Blinds, we provide a wide array of custom window coverings at every price point. Our design experts look forward to guiding you through the selection of window treatments to give your commercial property or business a new look — while ensuring safety and privacy. Schedule your free consultation today!

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