What Are Window Treatments, or as Some Call Them Window Coverings?

A “treatment” is usually something decorative like a valance, shade or pair of drapes to add a decorative element to a window. A window covering refers to something that covers the window, like a shade or blind for privacy and light control.

Used interchangeably, the category of window treatments or coverings is a broad and often confusing one for homeowners. Due to the immense nature of choices and options on top of the variety of windows both in size and style. So many choices and options plus unfamiliar terminology often lead the home owners to be confused and frustrated.

To help consumers understand and to guide you through choosing the right window treatments for your home let’s start with a few basic details.

Window treatments and covering most often fall into two main categories hard or soft. Hard referring to blinds and shutters made out of solid materials like wood, faux wood, composite wood, vinyl and aluminum. Soft on the other hand refers to products made out of fabric and includes valances, cornices, Roman shades, curtains and draperies. But these two categories leave out a wide range of products that cannot be classified as “hard” or “soft”. Most of these, fall into the category of shades. This includes solar and roller shades, cellular and transitional shades. This is an important category, not only because it is currently popular, but because it offers a wide range of products that are functional and versatile.

Roman Shades Drapery Panels Living Room Phase II

Why are shades currently so popular?

The versatility of shades and their clean sleek look have made them a popular choice. Roller shades are practical, affordable, and easy to clean making them a wise choice for kitchens, children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Solar shades with their ability to filter heat harsh light and glare, while still allowing an outside view, are perfect for sunrooms and home offices. Shades are also available in a wide range of fabrics/materials from light filtering or transparent, to opaque or room darkening, with a wide range of colors from textured solids and blends to geometric patterns and florals.

Roller Shades Kitchen Inspired Shades

Whereas blinds, verticals and shutters are available in mostly solid paint and stain colors the multiple slats make them a little harder to clean, but their ability to tilt to control light or to close completely, plus their affordability, make them an obvious choice for many homeowners. Soft fashions do what their name implies, they soften a room. This also adds sound absorption to rooms filled with hard surfaces and gives the homeowner the opportunity to add color and pattern to a space. Soft treatments have less options as far as light control, but they do have an overwhelming array of options as far as fabrics and styles.

Wood Blinds Dining Room Enlightened Style

Where do I mount my window covering or treatment?

On top of all the choices of products and options, add the challenging decisions of how and where to mount your window treatments.

  • Inside or outside the window frame?
  • Do I hang it above the window?
  • If outside how far outside the window?

Also, questions like “What if I really want it inside, but my windows do not have much depth?” Or “Will the window treatment I like fit right in my windows and give me the privacy I need?”

Lots of questions and important decisions to make before you purchase!

Can I DIY my window treatments or should I call a professional?

Because of the complexity of window coverings and the array of options and product choices, it is highly recommended that you seek guidance from a local window covering professional. The wonderful thing about this is you will have someone guiding you that has not only installed the products before, but they will be familiar with the windows in your area and will be able to suggest options that not only fit your windows well, but that will also meet your needs for privacy, light control, energy efficiency and design style. A local window covering professional will be familiar with the different manufacturers and how their products are constructed, how well they have performed for previous customers and the warranties offered by the companies.

Having a local window covering professional to help guide you, and bring the actual samples to your home will save you time and money, plus the peace of mind that you have made an informed and wise decision, adding value to your home for years to come!

Consultation Process

There are so many decisions to make whether you are remodeling, upgrading or building a new home from flooring and tile, to paint colors and cabinetry. Don’t just settle for the easiest option for your window covering because you have decision fatigue. Call a local professional to help you choose your window treatments! Your local Budget Blinds brings years of experience and training, with a wide array of vendors and samples to choose from. Plus, the backing of the largest national window covering franchise in North America. So, if you are in the market for a window covering, don’t become overwhelmed or settle for ordering on-line, call your local Budget Blinds. They design, measure, install and guarantee your window covering. This gives you more than just stylish window coverings that fit your budget, it gives you peace of mind that your money was well spent, and your wise decision will continue to enhance your home for years to come. Schedule your free consultation today to explore all of the window covering options we offer! 

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