How To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

This winter has been a brutal one, with extreme cold temperatures throughout the US and Canada. For most of us we want to be comfortable in our homes, but also worry about high energy bills! The following are 5 Tips to keep your home comfortably warm while controlling heat loss and saving energy costs at the same time.

Insulate Your Windows with Curtains and Blinds

According to about 30% of a home’s heating is lost through windows. So, it only makes sense that if your windows are uncovered your heating system will work overtime to try and keep your house warm. Instead of letting that heat seep out of your windows, simply add window coverings! Window Treatments will not only keep your house warmer, but your heater won’t have to work as hard to retain the heat, resulting in lower energy bills! Layering your window treatments is another great way to add versatility and cover any drafts. For example, a shade in the window helps cover the exposed glass, but an inside mount blind or shade does allow cold air to seep around the edges. Adding lined drapery panels on either side of the window with custom returns will cover those gaps.

For those of you that enjoy your view most of the year and don’t want window coverings interfering, there are a variety of window treatments that raise completely to give you the view you want most of the time with the option to lower the shade when colder temperatures arrive. Roller shades, Cellular Shades, Pleated Shades and Dual Sheer Shades are great options in this situation.

Cellular Shades Living Room Signature Series

Add Rugs To Your Floors

Although beautiful to look at, your floors can be cold during winter months. And if your home is pier and beam, you will definitely notice your floor feeling cold and drafty. Adding rugs will help with heat loss and add a layer of comfort and style to your floors. A wool rug is a great investment due to its insulation qualities and durability. Other rugs with a dense weave and thicker piles are also insulating and add a luxurious feel to your home. For active families with children and pets, consider easy to clean synthetic indoor/outdoor rugs.

Rug Bedroom Dalyn

Keep Furniture Away From Exterior Walls and Windows

When arranging your room keep seating, like sofas, away from windows and exterior walls, as those places tend to be the coldest spots in your home. Placing it on an interior wall away from windows makes it a more comfortable seating area. If your bed is placed under a window, which often happens in bedrooms, consider adding an upholstered headboard to create a barrier between you and the cold temperatures outside. The addition of thermal lined draperies will also add softness and insulation to any bedroom.

Let The Sunshine In At The “Right” Time

Even on bitterly cold days, the warmth of the sunshine helps make your home more comfortable. The natural light not only brightens up your home, but will help heat it without running the heater as often, saving on your energy bills. To utilize the benefits of natural sunlight and avoid fading on furniture and floors, consider a roller shade that filters the light and blocks those harmful UV rays. For the ultimate in light and heat control consider motorizing your shades. With our Smart Home App, you can set your shades to automatically raise and lower at the right time to control light, heat, and fading.

Automated Shades with App Rollease Smart Home Collection

Cover Door Glass and Stop Drafts

Don’t forget your doors! Leaving sliders, patio doors or French doors uncovered will allow heat to escape. While, you may love the view of your backyard, leaving them uncovered during cold winter months will increase your energy bills! The good news is, there are a variety of window treatments that cover and insulate doors yet can be stacked back when you want to enjoy the view. Choose from bi-fold shutters, sliding panels, vertical treatments, and draperies.

Roller Panel Track Living Room Enlightened Style

As you can see the simple addition of the right window treatments is an investment that not only makes your home feel more comfortable, but will save on heat loss and most importantly your energy bills! Window coverings are an investment that pays for itself.

If you have windows that need to be covered, give your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant a call. Want to hear more good news? We sell rugs and draperies too! To find your local consultant call or click here.

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