The Best Window Treatments for Mid-Century Modern Homes

The Makings of Mid-Century Modern

The term "mid-century modern" refers to a style that reigned in the 1930s to 1960s. Defined by its geometric form and focus on simplicity, it's no wonder that many still gravitate toward this layout and decorating strategy. Emphasizing minimalism and function over form, the very nature of the mid-century modern approach means that it can seamlessly fit into any home.

No matter your current layout, you can pay homage to the mid-century style through your decor and color scheme. The original mid-century designers focused on warm earth tones with pops of bright color, often referred to as the "accent" pieces. Simplistic ornamentation ensured that the thoughtful floor plan and furniture could shine.Mid-Century Modern Homes

Why People Love Mid-Century Modern Homes

While we are quickly approaching the middle of the 21st-century, this classic design style still makes its way into modern homes. Needless to say, the mid-century modern approach provides a lot to love. Here are some factors that keep designers coming back, and to consider as you incorporate the technique into your own space.

Easy maintenance

Minimalism and mid-century modern go hand-in-hand. A classic approach to this design avoids clutter at all costs. As opposed to ornaments or trinkets around the house, you can let your furniture and color palette shine.

This prioritization of open space makes mid-century modern homes much easier to maintain and clean. The focus on an open-air concept means less dust and more dazzle.

Room for experimentation

The mid-century modern approach to design may be simple, but there's still plenty of room for fun. You can play with the classic, geometric shapes by creating custom window cut-outs or designs.

You're also guaranteed to never get bored with your space, as accent pieces can easily be swapped out for new colors or items. There's no denying it: even decades after its inception, the mid-century modern concept is fresh. 

Bright, open spaces

One of the primary tenants of the mid-century modern design is bringing the outside, inside. What better way to show off your interior design than with bright, natural lighting? Many mid-century modern spaces feature floor-to-ceiling windows or bright access points.

When you craft your perfect mid-century modern design, you may never want to leave your home! Fortunately, these stunning window installations can help you get your vitamin D without leaving the couch.

Mid-Century Modern Windows

If your mid-century modern space incorporates one of these iconic windows, you may worry about properly covering it. After all, a sweeping wall of windows is bound to welcome many prying eyes. While you might be open to sharing your beautiful designs with the world, there are also times when you're ready to shut it out.

Those who create one-of-a-kind geometric or organic shapes with their windows may also have trouble finding window treatments. Run-of-the-mill solutions might fail to accommodate your unique set-up or clash with an existing design.

These problems are no reason to not pursue the mid-century modern windows of your dreams. Many options exist to accommodate and even accentuate your space.

Best Window Treatments for Mid-Century Modern Homes

Finding the right window treatment can make or break a space. The wrong choice might gain you privacy, but sacrifice the natural light that you worked so hard to hone. Others might preserve your lighting, but clash with your decorating vision or leave you feeling exposed.

There's no need to compromise. The following window treatments are ideal for completing and elevating your mid-century modern home spaces.

Sheer or roller shades

When introducing a window treatment into a new space, shades are always a good place to start. These simple coverings are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, ensuring that they'll complement any existing design scheme. They also fit snugly against a window, reducing any sense of clutter that could take away from your mid-century modern feel.

Roller shades are especially sleek, available to be installed with a cordless lifting system. Best of all, you can choose from a variety of UV protection options, allowing you to dictate how much light is allowed into a space. Sheer shades also come with a motorized lift. Their lightweight design makes them a perfect solution for mid-century modern homes' sweeping walls of windows.

Spacious panels

Although shades are a good option, it's hard to beat drapes and panels when it comes to covering large windows. Available in different colors and materials, panels can serve as a heavy darkener or an airy filter. As each curtain panel is a specific width, you may also require a custom-sized drape to cover a large window. 

These installations can easily blend into the background, or be used as an accent piece in your mid-century design. If you choose, they can instantly add texture and color to your spaces.Mid-Century Modern Windows

One-of-a-kind, customizable shutters

Finally, shutters perfectly play into the mid-century modern motifs. By bringing an "outdoor" design into your indoor spaces, the mid-century's focus on nature is brought to a whole new level.

Shutters are also highly customizable, with the ability to fit curved or uniquely-shaped windows. The real wood craftsmanship can be color-matched to existing hues in your home. The louvers can also easily be tilted to match your sun-blocking needs throughout the entire day.

What to Avoid

The mid-century modern style certainly has its staples, but it also offers a lot of freedom. While some classic window pieces, like valances, may not typically have a place within the design, you can be as creative as you want with accent pieces. Most of all, avoid limiting your creative vision. Budget Blinds can help with custom, quality and affordable treatments to accommodate your needs. Get started today by scheduling a free consultation with one of our design experts.

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