How to Increase Privacy Without Sacrificing Natural Light

As you equip your home or office building with the latest gadgets and trendiest designs, don't let old reliable slip your mind. A basic window covering, or treatment, can introduce a myriad of benefits to your space. You may be looking to increase security, regulate temperature or even just use the bathroom without worrying about neighbors or people passing by seeing into your home.

How to cover a window without losing all light

Fans of natural lighting may be hesitant to add coverings and treatments to their windows. Letting the sunshine in is especially important for areas like office buildings, with nearly half of employees reporting feelings of drowsiness or gloom without it. Choosing the right window treatment for your space is essential. Otherwise, privacy may come at the cost of productivity.

Natural light is also important at home, but there are concerns about direct sunlight fading furniture and flooring. The need for something to filter the harsh light and UV rays is obvious, plus at home you often need a little privacy!

Fortunately, heavy blackout curtains are far from your only option. Those in search of variety can explore treatment options that come fully customizable and adjustable for changing daily needs.

Sheer shades

Dual Sheer Shades Kitchen Inspired Shades

Lightweight and flexible sheer shades are the perfect solution for owners seeking the best of both worlds. The fabric is incredibly versatile, allowing the owner to easily adjust the filtration of natural lighting. The shades offer a sheer layer to filter light with adjustable louvers for more privacy and light control.

Sheer shades are also available in many different colors, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate the new window coverings into any room. These hues and their opacity level can also impact the harshness of the light entering the room. Exploring all of the options will help you create the perfect ambiance for your atmosphere.

Interior wood shutters

As the name would imply, shutters are excellent at shutting the light out. However, their louvered style allows you to easily tilt the louvers and allow the ideal amount of sun into your room. The classic wood design easily adds elegance to any space, and the natural wood ability to be custom stained means it can perfectly match any existing décor.

Your wood shutters can be custom designed to fit any opening, from round windows to French doors.

Treatment options for those looking for full coverage

Some spaces require fuller coverage than others. Bedroom windows with improper treatment can cause you to wake with the sun — whether you like it or not. Windows in bathrooms, on the other hand, necessitate maximum privacy for obvious reasons. For these scenarios, there are many options that offer total protection. Your window will allow complete privacy, while still benefiting from the presence of filtered light, and the occasional view.

Drapery panels

Woven Wood Shades Drapery Panels

Custom drapery panels can be designed to fit any length, providing you protection from even the most expansive windows. If you change your mind and would like to let some light in, add a layer of sheers with the drapery panels. Pairing drapes with blinds brings additional versatility. Adjust the blind slats during the day, then easily close them to block out sunlight and distractions when it's time for bed.

You can also play with the opacity of your coverings. Using a translucent material or adding a light filtering lining to a lightweight fabric will allow for some light to filter through. This can create a warm glow for your space, while still helping to insulate and reduce energy costs.

Motorized Shutters

Motorized shutters are a classic solution to too-bright spaces. The shutter panels are classic and timeless, adjusting to quickly to block out excess sunlight. They can be customized to fit smaller, high up openings like transom windows - the perfect finishing touch for a game room or movie theater.

For an extra touch of class, you can opt for motorization. The shutters can be opened or closed at the push of a button, granting you instant access to the lighting environment you need. You can also program your coverage to automatically adjust based on the time of day. This makes managing your sunlight situation an automatic activity. It also helps you to save on electricity by utilizing natural light solutions when they are available. Motorized blinds are also available with sun sensor motorization and smart home automation.

Finding the right fit for your space

Having so many options means that you're destined to find your perfect match, it can also get a little overwhelming. If you're ready to pursue a new window treatment, there are a few different factors you should consider.

What type of room is your window covering for?

As mentioned previously, office spaces are usually sunlight-deprived as is. Areas looking for a little more cheer — like work settings, playroom, and home libraries — can benefit from lighter coverage. Bathrooms and bedrooms, on the other hand, should have the option of complete privacy.

Which direction does your window face?

Sunrises will be especially brutal for bedroom windows facing the east. Considering these additional variables in the amount of sunlight a space receives will help ensure that you are properly prepared.

What is the current set-up of your space?

Heavy drapes often command attention and can add class and elegance to a room. Wooden shutters and blinds can more easily blend into the background, with blinds, in particular, occupying no more space than your window opening does.

Who will frequently be in this space?

Shutters are naturally cordless . Shades are available with cordless control, therefore requiringe no chains or cords for adjustment. If your space is frequently occupied by children or pets, eliminating these choking hazards can be another bonus of a new window treatment.

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