The Best Window Treatment for Arched Windows

Arched windows are an excellent way to bring beauty, style, and natural light to your living space. These architectural touches add a sense of customization and uniqueness to your home.  

With all their beauty and uniqueness, arched windows present a challenge when finding the right window treatment because of their shape. Window treatments for arched windows shouldn't take away from the beauty of the windows, but should still offer privacy, security, light control, and protection.  

This article looks at the different treatment methods you can use, how they compare, and how to find the right treatment for your windows.  

What is an Arched Window?  

An arched window is a window with a rectangular bottom half and an arched or half circle top. Arched windows are also called radius or curved windows. They are designed to complement vertical and horizontal traditional windows. Their striking appearance adds a touch of style to both modern and historic homes.  

Arched Window

Functions of an Arched Window  

Arched windows serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Depending on the design and the placement of the window, it can serve various functions.  


Radius windows have a unique and timeless appeal. They are featured on historical buildings and modern homes and have a unique and appealing look. An arched window can make your home stand out and look bigger.  


For homeowners that want substantial amounts of natural light in their homes, arched windows are the solution. They help to let extra light into the house.  

Types of Arched Windows  

The first step to finding the right treatment for your curved window is identifying the type. With evolving architectural designs, there are several types of arched windows.  


Lunette is French for the little moon. It's a half-moon-shaped window that sits on top of a door. Its sculpture, finishing, and masonry can vary. In terms of curved window sizes, the lunette is usually among the smallest because the door takes up most of the space.  

Fixed Arched Windows  

This type of arched window primarily serves an aesthetic function. It is low maintenance and lets lots of light in. Fixed arched windows are an easy option to treat because there's no movement involved.  

Arched Windows that Open  

This arch window has the same aesthetic benefits as a fixed one, with the added benefit of letting fresh air into the home. When choosing a window treatment for arched windows that open, you have to consider the movement of the window to maintain their functionality.  

Eyebrow Windows with Legs  

The eyebrow window with legs is a rectangular window with a lunette-like semi-circle at the top. It has the look of an arched window without actually being one.  

Besides the variations in design, curved windows also come in varying finishes, shapes, and sizes. You should consider each of these factors when choosing the ideal window treatment.   

Types of Arched Window Treatments  

After determining the type of radius windows you have, it's time to look at the different treatment options. You can dress your windows in various ways that enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.  


Window blinds are a favorite among most homeowners. They are easy to work with and easy to open and close. There is a vast range of window blinds to pick from that come in various sizes and colors to suit the size of your windows and complement your interior decor.   

Because of their unique shapes, arched window treatments with blinds require professional measurement and installation with a custom template. At Budget Blinds, we offer custom blinds to fit any window shape and size.  

Once you have the right blinds, you can adjust the angle of the blinds to control light while maintaining privacy and security.   


Arched window shutters are highly customizable and very versatile. We can design the shutters to perfectly fit into your arched windows, depending on their shape and size.  

Shutters are an excellent choice to enhance the arch shape of the window and can work on arched windows that open.  

Our wide range of shutters in various designs and wood or composite materials offer full control over the light that comes into the home and the privacy level.  

Window Shades 

Shades are a practical, modern window treatment option for arched windows. They are simple but elegant and add the greatest amount of privacy to your home. For arched windows that face east or west, window shades work best to block the sun and increase or reduce heat.  

Budget Blinds has an excellent selection of window shades that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and allow you to pick colors and designs that work for your home. We can also customize them to fit your arched windows perfectly.  

Our range of arched window shade designs includes:  


Drapes are one of the most classic window treatments for arched windows. They are timeless because there are different ways you can dress up the windows, from pleated drapes to panel drapes to valances. Drapery makes windows and ceilings feel taller and brings an open feeling into the room.  

Drapes are ideal for large, opening arch windows because you can pull them to the sides and open the windows. 

Arched Windows with Unique Needs  

Arched Window Treatments

Arched windows are easily customized with the assistance of your local Budget Blinds consultant. That guidance and expertise give homeowners the flexibility to choose designs and shapes that fit their style and unique needs. If you have an arched window that requires special attention, you can request a free in-home or virtual consultation with our design experts. We will help you pick the perfect type of dressing for your window in the ideal size.  

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