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Uniqueness is a valued trait. It’s fun to be unique and different, to stand out from the crowd. One-of-a-kind fashions, exclusive artisan jewelry, and original artwork always command attention. In home design, a growing trend in new housing construction and remodeling is to install specialty-shaped windows that bring distinction and style to a home.

Unique windows do add character and personality to a room, but they can also bring design challenges for window treatments. Ready-made solutions generally fit only standard shapes and sizes of windows, so any unique or specialty windows will probably require custom window coverings.

  • The round porthole windows in your son’s bedroom are charming, but sometimes you want something to block the sun’s intensity as well as the streetlights at night.
  • The wall of windows in the living room captures that gorgeous view but needs to be covered at night so you’re not on view.
  • The skylight in the kitchen is great for solar light and heating, but in the summertime, you get a little more than you bargained for.

At Budget Blinds®, we’ve never met a window we can’t cover and cover beautifully. Our shutters, blinds, shades, drapes and window film provide unlimited design options for any window challenge!

Unique Windows Demand Creative Design

Budget Blinds can custom design shutters, blinds, shades or drapes for any shape window

Window challenges can arise from shape, architectural design, and even nature.

  • Shapes: round, oval, arched, angled, eyebrow, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid
  • Architectural design: bay windows, sliding glass doors, skylights, over-sized windows, French doors, corner windows (where two windows meet), sloped ceiling and hard-to-reach windows
  • Nature: sun-facing windows or commanding-view windows

By enhancing the window’s uniqueness, you magnify its design impact, but you want to be certain that the window treatment aligns with the window’s function.

  • Will the window need to be accessible to open for ventilation?
  • Does the window provide a view that you want to enhance?
  • Does this window require light and privacy control?
  • Is the window intended to be an artistic touch or focal point of the room?
  • Is the window in a high humidity area like a kitchen or bathroom?
  • Does a hard-to-reach window require a workable covering, or is the covering stationery?


Once you define everything the window needs to do, you can choose the appropriate window coverings. For example, in a living room or family room, combining window film for unobstructed viewing and light in the daytime with pull-down shades for privacy at night makes the windows fully functional.

Budget Blinds, Your One Solution for Custom Window Treatments

Budget Blinds is the #1 custom window coverings franchise in North America so you can be assured that we’ve got you covered!  All of our shutters, blinds, shades, drapes and other specialty products lend themselves to custom design. Our expansive range of styles, colors, finishes, textures and decorative hardware choices ensure that we can create any style or ambiance that you desire.

The added value of convenience and safety is available with Somfy® one-touch motorization for all our window coverings.

  • No dangling cords to entangle children and pets
  • Timers and sensors can auto-operate your window coverings to increase energy savings and safeguard privacy even if you’re not home
  • Hard-to-reach windows or heavy blinds are no problem to manage
  • Motorization is a great assist to the elderly or people with mobility and dexterity issues
  • Control options include wireless wall switches and handheld remote controls

Window coverings do share attributes in common, such as privacy when closed and light/view when open, but each style also has individual features which will help to determine what is right for your unique window.

Wood shutters in this arched window design allow for light through the top section while providing privacy when the lower shutters are closed

SHUTTERS: Shutters can be customized to fit any window size or shape, in various designs such as sunburst, slat-burst, blackout arches, and horizontal slats to redirect or block light. Shutters have cordless operation including tilt rod, bypass track for sliding doors, bi-fold hinged and motorized. With three louver sizes in a range of styles and colors, you can match any décor with classic elegance.

BLINDS: Blinds are available in wood, faux wood, composite, vinyl, fabric and aluminum in a wide range of colors. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal for large windows and sliding glass doors. Custom blinds can fit any shape of window and are excellent for tall windows and skylights with either extension pole or motorized control. Blinds control light by slat manipulation, from fully open to closed. Many styles are moisture resistant, making them ideal for kitchen and bathroom windows.

SHADES: Shades are the most diverse of all custom window treatments, presenting endless design possibilities with roller shades, pleated shades, roman shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, bamboo shades, sheer shades, solar shades, and graphic shades. Cellular and pleated shades create flattering treatments for circular windows, arches, and skylights. Shades range from light filtering to blackout; you control how much light gets in. They provide excellent year-round insulation and UV protection from the sun and most styles can be motorized.

DRAPES AND TOP TREATMENTS: Soft lines, textures, and color may be the perfect covering for your windows or doors. Custom draperies can traverse (manual, wand or motorized) or sit stationary, with or without top treatments. Top treatments like valances and cornices can be used to alter a window’s shape. For example, an arched window could be hidden by a valance or shaped cornice, completely disguising its shape.

Specialty Treatments–Window Film, Decorative Film, Tableaux Faux Iron: When you want an unencumbered view on a large window or a unique accent window, you can still get protection from glare and harmful UV rays with clear or decorative window film. Decorative film offers varying degrees of light filtering and privacy, from frosted to stained glass window styles.

Decorative window film and tableaus faux iron create artistic touches for any shaped window

Tableaux faux iron designs are custom built to any shape or size to give artistic flare to any window, transom, sidelight or door. You get the elegance of wrought iron without the cost and weight. Made from a dense composite material, faux iron is moisture resistant, and can be safely used indoors or out.

This is just a sampling of the custom shades and blinds for windows you’ll find with Budget Blinds. If you have some especially challenging windows, need design revitalization, or want to maximize the energy efficiency of your home, we can certainly help. Budget Blinds does all the work for you with professional design inspiration, expert measuring, and efficient installation. Call 866-879-9730 today for a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant near you.


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