The Benefits of Custom Window Treatments Over Store-Bought Options

The importance of window treatments cannot be understated. They serve a functional role in adding privacy and controlling light and airflow throughout the room. Window treatments also help support the room's overall aesthetic.

Homeowners can choose between store-bought “readymade” or custom when shopping for window treatments. While store-bought stock blinds are affordable, they generally come in limited design styles and lack the helpful features that custom window treatments provide.

For these reasons, investing in a custom window treatment is far better than buying stock off-the-shelf window treatments. Custom window treatments let homeowners choose the fabric, dimension, material, style, and functions to ensure they complement your

What are the benefits of custom window treatment?

Custom window treatments provide homeowners with flexibility while still maintaining the beauty and design of the architecture and interior of their homes. There are numerous benefits of custom window treatments, most of which fall under two categories – aesthetic and functional.


There are two main aesthetic benefits of custom blinds, design flexibility, and enhanced interior design capabilities.

Design flexibility 

Custom window treatments are tailor-made to specific needs, preferences, and specifications. Homeowners who customize a window treatment can choose from various styles, patterns, colors, and add-on features to design their window treatment in any manner they desire.

Enhance interior design

Window treatments can be customized to blend in with existing colors or textures in a room or to stand out and provide a colorful contrast. With a wide range of customization options, there are numerous ways to use a custom window treatment to enhance the arrangement of an existing room. 


Custom window treatments add value to your home while providing helpful daily functionality. 

Improved energy efficiency 

Custom window treatments help you harness natural lighting and reduce the need for electrical lighting. A custom window treatment enables you to maximize the amount of safe sunlight the room receives in the summer months while protecting flooring and furniture from harmful UV rays. bb-7-11-22-P.jpg

Additional privacy

Homeowners can maintain privacy in their homes without compromising their interior's view, style, or color. Custom window treatments are designed to transition seamlessly throughout the day. A custom window treatment can be programmed to open when you wake up and close when you sleep. 


Automation is another benefit custom window treatments have over store-bought ones. Custom window treatments can be motorized and paired wirelessly with smart home systems such as Google Home or Alexa. With the push of a button, homeowners can control custom window treatments without having to do it manually.

Design assistance and installation

Sometimes, people do not know what window treatment option they want. Purchasing a custom window treatment from a professional team will make the process much more manageable. Budget Blinds can help you choose the type of window treatment best for your unique situation. Our local professional design experts provide a free consultation service where they help determine which features would work best, considering privacy, lighting, style, materials, and more.

Additionally, working with a professional team will ensure the custom blind is installed professionally. At Budget Blinds, we provide a professional installation service that will guarantee the window treatment is set up correctly and accurately meets

The downside of store-bought window treatments

There is nothing wrong with using store-bought window treatments. Finding a good deal can help homeowners save money when managing a renovation project. However, store-bought window treatments have a few downsides, even if you found a seemingly great pair.

Poor fabric quality

Store-bought window treatments are made from low-quality fabrics, which are affordable but also low-quality. Over the long run, they become prone to damage and usually come with only a short, limited warranty. 

Limited design flexibility

The biggest downside with store-bought stock off-the-shelf window treatments is that they cannot be customized like a custom window treatment can be customized to your needs and preference. Even if you find a great store-bought design that matches the color scheme of your home, it may not have all the features or style you were hoping for.

Hard to find matching treatments

If you find a store-bought window treatment that matches your existing decor, pairing it with a matching treatment might be challenging. If supplies are low, homeowners will have to deal with not having matching styles throughout their homes, which can stick out like a sore thumb in many architectural styles.

Limited functionality

Window treatments serve multiple purposes besides decorating windows. For example, they can provide privacy to a room during the night while bringing in natural sunlight during the day. Store-bought window treatments are often limited in size and operation options, compromising how well they function and fit within an aesthetic.

Ill-fitted sizing

Custom window treatments are tailored to fit the exact window in your home. However, store-bought window treatments are made to fit standard sizes, which may mean that they are too small for smaller windows or too large for larger ones. Ill-fitting window treatments can result in variable dimensions, or the blinds or shutters do not go down far enough, or you end up with a large stack of slats at your windowsill. 

Find the perfect window treatment with professional assistance

Custom window treatments can be tailored to your needs and preferences, including the features you want out of them, such as lighting opacity, fabric, color, and texture. On the other hand, store-bought window treatments are made with pre-set designs, are often made with cheap material, and are only available in a limited number of standard stock colors. 

If you are shopping for a custom window treatment, talking with a professional design specialist will make the process easier. At Budget Blinds, we offer everyone a free consultation with a local design expert. During the consultation, they will help you find a solution that suits your needs and aesthetics. Contact us today to get started.

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