Five Reasons to Choose Custom Window Treatments

Like most of us, chances are you take pride in selecting your home’s interior paint colors, flooring, furnishings and décor so that it reflects your own unique sense of style. From sifting through interior design magazines to spending countless hours online looking for the ideal colors, fabrics, and accessories, investing your valuable time towards creating the ideal look in your living space can result in creating an interior that’s both inviting and stylish. So, when it comes to selecting your window treatments, it only makes sense to carefully consider the benefits of choosing custom window treatments over what’s commonly referred to as stock window coverings. While ordering stock, off the shelf window treatments may initially seem appealing, you may be surprised by the many advantages of custom window treatments, and Budget Blinds is here to explain why. Here are five reasons why custom window coverings can help you achieve your interior design dreams, and in the long run will save you time and money.

Custom Window Treatments

Reason #1: Guidance from a professional design consultant.

When it comes to measuring, style selection, and a host of other important considerations, the guidance you receive from your local Budget Blinds design consultant will save you time, and yes the adage “time is money” still rings true. Your highly trained Budget Blinds consultant possesses years of expertise in measuring and installing a wide range of custom window treatments - from challenging arch shape windows to larger, hard to reach windows. Their professionalism and attention to detail ensures that your purchase will be a wise investment for years to come. And since Budget Blinds has an eye-opening array of the latest window treatment styles and accessories, you can rest assured your home’s interior will reflect a true designer-inspired look, instead of an, off the shelf product that “sort of matches” your trim color or design palate. From that hard to find beige or off-white shade, to popular grey tones and beautiful stain color options from light to dark, your local Budget Blinds design consultant can dial in that elusive color or shade that you’ve been looking for. In addition to advice on color and style selection, your design consultant will recommend products that complement your needs and lifestyle. They can suggest a variety of options to make your room look more spacious, maximize or limit light exposure, and even help reduce your energy consumption. In essence, you have access to both their knowledge and skills, and the perfect window treatments!

Consultation with Design Consultant

Reason #2: Custom measured for your window sizes.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about buying pre-made window treatments is that you may not find them in the exact size as your windows. As their name suggests, “stock” window treatments are available in only a few standard sizes. Most retail chains generally mass produce their products in generic sizes, and since not all homes have windows of the same size and design, it’s likely you will end up with ill-fitting coverings which are not optimally efficient. With a Budget Blinds design consultant, your custom window coverings will be measured to fit each of your windows perfectly, both in width and length. Yes, from style, color, and material selection to precise measuring and installation - Budget Blinds can do it all for you! Concerned about finding treatments for an odd-shaped window or arch? Not to worry, because since custom window treatments are “made-to-measure” to the size of your windows, you are ensured of a perfect fit. Speaking of “made-to measure”, with custom window coverings you have the freedom to determine the fullness of your drapes, meaning they won’t lay flat when drawn closed like “standard-width stock” curtain panels. And since you choose the design, the width, and the custom height your Budget Blinds consultant will ensure the material gathers or folds and pleats with the right amount of fullness, even when the treatment is pulled across the window. Simply put, when you choose custom treatments, you can rest assured knowing that details, such as seams, won’t show and that patterns won’t be mismatched or drapery length won’t be too short! Instead your custom drapes will add softness and accentuate the height of your window. And remember, your local Budget Blinds team installs it all for you!

Reason #3: Custom window treatments offer an array of style and product options.

Looking for greater choice and flexibility on valance styles, slat sizing, and control options? Then look to the vast selection of products, including options, that only custom window treatments can offer. For example, stock blinds do not have control choices, and shades often come with just a thin stock lining. Because stock woven shades do not offer a choice of linings or lining colors you may not get the privacy and light control you were needing, plus stock cellular shades typically have limited color selections, it’s likely you will struggle to find the ideal product, style, size, and color to create the desired look for your interior. And with the child safety mandate that requires all stock blinds and shades to be cordless, that hard to reach window over your kitchen sink or those tall windows will likely be difficult to operate. However, with custom window treatments, and the guidance of your Budget Blinds design consultant, you will have choices that meet your needs of functionality. For example, options like continuous cord loop control with child safe features, motorized wand control and other motorization options that make your shades easy to operate.

Woven Shade Samples

Reason #4: Custom window treatments offer superior quality and workmanship.

The saying, “you get what you pay for” applies to many consumer products, and this is especially true for window treatments. While stock window coverings may appear to save you money initially because of their lower price, this often comes at the cost of inferior quality parts. For example, without UV inhibitors, the slats of window coverings may discolor. Also, stock window treatments in dark colors can often warp due to the heat and humidity in south and west facing windows. With the experience and guidance from your Budget Blinds design consultant on color selection, finishes, materials, and light and heat control, you will have the peace of mind knowing you have selected the perfect combination of form and function that’s right for your windows - and your lifestyle. You’ll also rest easy knowing your new custom window coverings are fashioned with the latest manufacturing techniques to deliver safe and simple operation for years to come.

Pleated Shade Samples

Reason #5: Custom window treatments come with a superior warranty

One of the most important differences in stock, off the shelf vs custom window treatments is the warranty. In general, stock blinds have just a one-year warranty, which might be fine if you are renting, but you have invested in your new home for longer than one year! With custom window treatments from Budget Blinds you not only receive a superior manufacturer’s warranty, but with our Signature Series line you get the Budget Blinds exclusive Five-Year No Questions Asked Warranty. Imagine this scenario: your dog chews on your blinds, wishing he could go outside or frustrated because you are not home. With a stock blind you are stuck with damaged blinds or purchasing a new one! Instead, with Budget Blinds you simply call your local Budget Blinds design consultant and they order you a new blind - No Questions Asked! Amazing, right?! Just remember to tell Spot or Rover that next time he needs to chew on a different blind because the NQA Warranty is only valid one time per window.

Wood Blinds in Bedroom

As you can see, there are a host of reasons why investing in custom window treatments over stock window treatments offer benefits that you’ll appreciate year after year, and we haven’t even covered the enhanced energy efficiency that precision measured window treatments provide for keeping out heat during the summer and cold in the winter. From greater design possibilities and selection of materials, colors, and fabrics, to superior workmanship - custom window treatments deliver several advantages. Although they may require a greater investment upfront, you can rest assured knowing that custom treatments will save you both time and money in the years ahead while adding beauty and value to your home. At Budget Blinds, we are here to help, so click or call and schedule a complimentary in-home or virtual* consultation and let one of our local, highly trained design consultants help today!

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