5 Custom Window Blinds for Every Window Type

The window treatments you choose for your home make such a strong impact on your interior design that you really want to choose your custom window blinds carefully. When shopping for custom window blinds, you'll already be thinking about a number of factors such as overall function, lighting control, insulative values, and aesthetic appearance. But don't forget about the design of your windows themselves!

The style and shape of your windows play a big role when it comes to which styles of custom window blinds will work best in terms of fit, function, and beauty. Budget Blinds offers a wide range of different custom window blinds and shades, all of which are professionally fitted to each individual window. This makes it possible for all windows, including custom and odd-shaped types, to be perfectly matched with beautiful custom size window blinds.

Let's take a look at 5 different custom window blind styles and which types of windows they complement the most.

Motorized Blinds - Perfect for Out of Reach Windows and Skylights

Motorized window blinds are becoming a popular choice of custom window blinds for homeowners looking for no-cord and no-touch functionality. They are perfect for any type of window that is out of reach, including high windows, elevated windows in vaulted rooms, skylights, and windows behind furniture.

As far as custom window blinds go, motorized blinds are also one of the safest options for families with children and pet owners since there are no cords. Therefore, they're a great choice for windows located in rooms accessible by children and pets.

Keep in mind that Budget Blinds may be able to incorporate motorization in various styles of their custom window blinds. If you have a specific look you're going for, simply give them a call and see if it's possible to get it motorized.

Fabric Blinds - Soften the Sunlight Coming From Your South-Facing Windows

Fabric blinds are one of the most common types of custom window blinds since they are quite versatile and come in a range of different styles. As far as compatibility, fabric blinds are ideal for living room, bedroom, and dining room windows. The reason for this is because fabric blinds maintain privacy and ambient lighting, while also softening the sunlight to a more comfortable level.

All fabric custom window blinds and shades offered by Budget Blinds come in a huge range of different materials, colors, patterns, and weaves. You also have options for fabric material thickness, which affects the opacity of your custom window blinds. You can opt for a very sheer material that only slightly softens the sunlight or choose a completely opaque blackout fabric that blocks rays out entirely.

Budget Blinds offers a wide selection of soft custom window coverings and shades made of fabric, including:

  • Standard Fabric Blinds - Standard fabric blinds hang horizontally and neatly fold when raised. The fabric blinds are coated, making them dust-repellent, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Roller Shades - Roller shades come in over 100 different styles and 240 fabric options. These shades come with multiple control options, including cordless options. Roller shades have a very sleek, modern look that's more on the minimalist side.
  • Pleated Shades - Pleated shades combine the warmth of horizontal fabric blinds with the ease of use of roller shades. Pleated shades come with 1" or 2" pleats and a top down/bottom up lift option. These can also be fit to arched, angled, and odd-shaped windows.
  • Roman Shades - Roman shades are a great option for windows where you'd like to have drapes, but also want the convenience of a shade. Roman shades have a classic look and work very well with other window treatments. You can also have your Roman shades mounted from the inside or outside.
  • Sheer Shades - Sheer shades are the answer for homeowners that want privacy but a minimal amount of light blocking. These look particularly beautiful when paired with drapes and can easily replace a sheer curtain lining.
  • Cellular Shades - Cellular shades are made of a unique honeycomb-shaped weave and come in four lighting control options, including sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout. These are cordless in design and can have a top down/bottom up function. Their cell structure really adds insulation to your home as well.

Vertical Blinds - Ideal for Wide Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Wide windows and sliding glass doors tend to look nice with vertical blinds that come in small slats or wide panels. Vertical custom window blinds can be designed to open from the left, the right, or have a split draw. They're also a safe option for families if you get the option cordless wand control.

Budget Blinds offers vertical blinds in a couple of different styles, including:

  • Vertical Fabric Blinds - Vertical fabric blinds offer identical benefits as the standard fabric blinds mentioned above, with the only difference being that they hang vertically.
  • Vinyl Blinds - Vinyl blinds are the perfect alternative to vertical fabric blinds for homeowners that want as low-maintenance as possible. Vertical vinyl blinds come in different colors and patterns as well as different vane shapes.
  • Vertical Blind Alternatives - Vertical blind alternatives are a category that encompasses vertical cellular shades, vertical sheer blinds, vertical woven wood blinds, and any other material Budget Blinds offers in their custom window blinds and shades. If there's a particular material you're interested in, contact Budget Blinds to see if it's possible to get it as a vertical blind/shade.

Low-Maintenance Material Blinds - Solutions for Bathroom and Kitchen Windows

Bathroom and kitchen windows can be tricky to shop for when it comes to picking the right custom window blinds. Since these rooms tend to have high humidity, especially bathrooms, you definitely want to choose window treatments that can handle it.

In addition to the vinyl blinds mentioned earlier, Budget Blinds also offers three other low- to no-maintenance blinds perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and any other area of your home where low-care is a must.

  • Faux Wood Blinds - Faux wood blinds are a type of composite blind that mimics the look of real wood. You can choose between different colors and wood grains, just like you would with regular wood blinds. These are a great option if you want a natural look in your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Composite Blinds - Composite blinds are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and repel harmful UV rays. They have a very timeless look and come in over 80 different colors and you'll have your choice of 2" or 2 ½" slats.
  • Aluminum Blinds - Aluminum blinds come with ½" to 2" slats and are available in solid or metallic colors. You can also have aluminum blinds perforated if you'd like a unique look. Aluminum blinds are super tough, moisture-resistant, and are tempered to resist kinks or dents.

Wood and Bamboo Blinds - Natural Beauty for All Window Types

If you're looking for classically beautiful custom window blinds and shades, you can't go wrong with wood and bamboo blinds. Wood and bamboo blinds look great on all types of windows, French doors, sliding glass doors, and more. There are even solutions for odd-shaped windows!

  • Wood Blinds - Wood blinds can really add texture and depth to a room. They are easier to keep clean and are more durable than fabric blinds. Budget Blinds offers their wood blinds as painted or stained, depending on the look you're going for. Wood custom blinds can be fit to any window size and shape as well.
  • Woven Wood Shades - Woven wood shades are made of different eco-friendly materials, such as rattan reeds, woods, grasses, and jute. These materials are woven together into different styles, such as vertical roller shades or woven wood blinds.
  • Bamboo Shades - Bamboo shades are another eco-friendly custom window blinds route, and it's 100% organically-sourced as well. Bamboo shades give a soft look to the room by diffusing the sunlight coming in from the windows. Budget Blinds does offer an additional blackout liner if you want full opacity with the look of bamboo. Bamboo shades are be easily fit to all window shapes and come in options, such as top down/bottom up operation.

Take the First Step Towards Beautiful Custom Window Blinds for Your Home

Man measuring windows for blindsOpting for custom windows blinds and shades over mass-produced window treatments is the key to getting a stunning, professional interior design. Budget Blinds makes it possible to outfit every type of window in your home with custom window blinds specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Budget Blinds is dedicated to helping homeowners find the perfect custom window blinds for their home. They handle every aspect of designing, fitting, and installing their line of custom window blinds and shades -- leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy your new window treatments.

When you're ready to take the first step towards transforming your home's interior, all you to do is schedule a free in-home consultation and wait for a Budget Blinds agent to get in touch to make your appointment. From there you'll be able to work with a professional who will help turn your custom window blinds vision into a reality.

If you have any questions about Budget Blinds custom windows and shades, as well as their other window treatment accents, visit the Contact Us page to find your local Budget Blinds consultant.

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