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A patio, porch, sunroom, backyard, or other outdoor space is the perfect place for entertaining or simply sitting and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately, if there's too much sun or the view is too open for neighbors to peek in, you may feel uncomfortable spending too much time outdoors. Do you want control over your outdoor spaces? The solution is to dress them with exterior window treatments.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living area. This moodboard can help assist you in choosing the right outdoor window treatments for your space. Moodboards not only serve as a focal point for inspiration but can also help organize your ideas in one place.

Why Do I Need Exterior Window Treatments?

Outdoor window treatments are highly beneficial. For starters, they are among the easiest and budget-friendly solutions for keeping your patio or porch cool so you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors.

The sun's rays can be very harmful especially for prolonged periods of time, causing damage to your skin and furniture to fade or deteriorate. Most outdoor window treatments can block up to 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays while still letting in enough light for visibility. They can also block other elements, including strong winds, snow, and heavy rainfall.

These window treatments provide privacy and add a more intimate feel to your outdoor space, so you don't have to worry about peering eyes.

By installing exterior window treatments, you'll add a touch of style and beauty to your outdoor living space. This will, in turn, make the space more inviting and even improve the property's value should you want to sell.

Great Exterior Window Treatments


These are the go-to for both indoor and outdoor window coverings. When drawn closed, they protect from the sun. Consider a heavier fabric to block out the sun entirely and provide privacy. White or light-colored fabric will reflect more sunlight into your space. Outdoor curtains are also available in different designs and colors. So, find one that can complement your outdoor furniture to add beauty and elegance to your outdoor space.

Exterior custom draperies

Patios, gazebos, terraces, and porches are all great places to incorporate custom window treatments. Exterior drapes control the amount of sun entering your outdoor space, thus protecting you and your furniture from the damages of the sun. Like curtains, drapes are fabric panels. The heavier the fabric, the more sun it can block. Exterior drapes also offer aesthetical benefits, so customize your drapes to match your outdoor space.

Exterior shutters

Shutters are made of varying materials, including fabric, wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl. They effectively reduce solar heat and provide better insulation from the cold, depending on the material you choose. They also provide privacy while still allowing some daylight and air to enter. Outdoor patio shutters come in a variety of styles and colors, meaning they can have a huge visual impact on your outdoor space.


Outdoor shades provide continuous cover and protect your space from sun damage. Depending on the material and its thickness and weave, they can block or filter sunlight. Solar shades control the amount of light entering your outdoor space. They also block heat and cold entering during extreme weather conditions, while providing privacy. This can add a level of comfort so you can use your outdoor space all year long.

Outdoor blinds

These are usually thought of as interior window treatments, those made from vinyl, aluminum, wood, or steel can be mounted outdoors. When you lower them completely, their slats meet to provide privacy, shade, and protection from storms. When partially raised, they permit some air and light to enter the space. They can be corded, cordless, or motorized, and either vertical or horizontal.

Exterior solar screens

Door and window screens protect against glare and solar heat while increasing visibility and light transmission. They can be installed as roller shades or fixed panels and are effective for exterior windows, patios, porches, garages, and even carports.

How to choose outdoor window treatments

With so many window treatment options for outdoor use, deciding on a new set for you can be a bit overwhelming. Your overall selections can be dependent on many factors that you should take into consideration.

Intended use

Think of what purpose you want your window treatments to serve. Whether it is creating a more comfortable place for friends and family to enjoy, protecting your new set of patio furniture, improving the security and privacy in your backyard, or even all of the above, identifying its use could help you narrow down your search.

Consider your climate

There's a wide range of outdoor window treatments that perform well in different climates, so don't be limited to shades and blinds that are only ideal during specific times of the year. If you use your outdoor space all year, you need a window treatment that can protect you from the sun's rays in the summer and from the wind and rain during winter.


Window treatments are made from different materials, and the types of material you choose will mostly depend on the climate you live in. PVC fabrics, for instance, allow natural light in, giving a clear view of your space. They can also prevent your space from rain and wind, making them suitable for winter.

Mesh fabrics are often the most recommended materials for outdoor spaces. That's because they can block the sun and heat during the summer and keep chilly winds and rain out in the winter. Canvas is also a great option because it can withstand the elements and offers UV protection.

Ease of operation

It can become frustrating to open or close blinds and shades with ropes, cords, or pulleys. This is especially true when the weather changes abruptly and you want to adjust window coverings quickly. Luckily, several other control options are available like beaded chains and cordless controls. These are much faster and safer to operate.

Getting assistance

Now that you know enough about exterior window treatments to make an informed decision, it's time to get buying. At Budget Blinds, our design experts can help you find the right solution for your outdoor space. We offer a wide range of exterior window treatments, so contact us today for a free consultation.


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