Moodboard: Inspired by Nature

As more of our lives are dominated by technology, many people understandably have an urge to get back to simpler roots in their home decor. During our busy lives, we tend to forget to stop and really appreciate the beauty of nature. By incorporating designs in your home with elements of that natural beauty can help remind you to appreciate the simpler things, and give you a space that feels like a refuge from a hectic, constantly connected life.

Many of us may want to surround ourselves with elements of natural beauty, and nowhere is that easier and more effective than with your home’s window treatments. Your windows are, quite literally, your vantage point to the natural beauty surrounding your home. Choosing shutters, shades, or curtains that complement the scenery and natural light from your window can help transition and enhance that hint of nature into an aesthetic that touches the entire room.

The natural inspiration moodboard

A moodboard is a great way to focus your creative energies in the direction you want them headed in. Even the greatest creative minds can often get sidetracked with good ideas that don't quite fit in, which can cause inconsistencies to the theme throughout any project. This is true for interior design projects as well, and a mood board can help encourage your best innovation and creativity, while also helping you stick with the plan you made at the beginning.

Whether you choose to use this moodboard or create one yourself, a moodboard full of rich natural beauty to inspire your design choices can help keep your window treatments and entire home consistent and gorgeous throughout.

How to bring nature’s beauty inside your home

Getting your home to have a natural theme may be more challenging than some people think, so be prepared to solve some puzzles along the way. There's no way to escape the fact that our homes are definitely not outside. Enclosed spaces and low ceilings can often pose some serious challenges to channel the beauty of nature in your home when part of what makes nature so gorgeous is the grand scale of our environment. This is where professional design consultants can really add value and help turn your ideas into a reality.

It should be noted that giving your home a natural feel and focusing on a decorating theme that draws inspiration from the beauty of natural features and outdoor spaces isn't exactly the same as rustic or farmhouse design styles. Natural themes will often contain woods and less refined materials, just like rustic and farmhouse designs, though the object of each of these styles is very different. Natural design is about bringing that serenity of open spaces and natural calmness into your home, whereas rustic styles are about giving your home an antique feel.

Natural design is less about creating an antique feel and more about making a theme out of the vibrant, yet earthy colors and tones of the natural world. True inspiration from nature will also encourage your light sources from fixtures and your windows to fill a space with a natural feel rather than an artificial glow.

The importance of window treatments in natural interior design

This makes it even more important to choose the correct window treatments. Your windows aren't only your view out but are nature's way into your home. Choosing the right window treatments could open up the feel of your room or draw attention to colors and views outside. There are many ways to accomplish this through different materials and designs based on your home's unique circumstances.

Control and enhance natural light

Lighting is an extremely important way to get a natural feel in your home, and light from your windows is one of the best ways to accomplish this. If your room gets a little too much natural light, glare can quickly ruin the calming influence of any natural design. Solar screens can be a great way to limit the light coming through your window while also allowing the view of nature to still flow into your room. They can be used along with other window treatments, and almost unnoticeably cut down glare and slightly darken the view from the window. These can be a great way to get more utility out of your windows and customize the light from your windows into working for you.

Earthy tones and textures

Window treatment options like plantation shutters can incorporate deep, earthy tones and natural textures into your room, but also give you full control over the light coming through your window. In many designs, these can be reminiscent of outdoor patio shutters that can remind you of a sunny day under a pergola in a beautiful garden.

This can transition your design into other elements of your room, with woven wood shades for window treatments you could easily design around other fabric textures and tones in your room to make a cohesive theme that channels and accents the beauty of nature. Design elements like light fixtures, wall decorations, and rugs interact with your windows through their light, and so earthy, natural colors can combine with vibrant greens and reds to recreate the beauty of nature.

Window treatments that bring the beauty of nature in

Choosing the right window treatments to immerse yourself in natural beauty within your home can be a serious challenge, but a rewarding experience. There is a huge variety of window treatments out there, and you could really create your own natural wonder inside your home with any number of different styles, colors, and materials for your window treatments. Custom window treatments can go even further with unique designs or exotic materials like bamboo or jute that make your home every bit as unique as the specific way you execute your natural theme.

Hopefully, your mood board inspires you to create authentic and individual natural beauty within your home. Stay focused on what's important to you, remember to plan carefully about your window treatment options, and be sure to consult with an expert about the best styles for your themes to avoid making any hasty choices.

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