Blurring the Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor Living with Custom Window Treatments

Just as the lines between indoor and outdoor living have blurred with patios extending out from kitchens and family rooms morphing into outside decks, the distinction of “indoor” or “outdoor” for window treatments is becoming less obvious. Function, durability, and style are leading the way to innovative design for both inside and out.

  • Fabrics once relegated to patio furniture have moved indoors, upholstering couches and chairs for active families that want durability and easy care
  • Sheltered outdoor areas and sunrooms are seeing cushions, pillows, and drapes in stylish fabrics adding a touch of luxury
  • Faux iron and window film present alternative window treatments to visually keep spaces connected
  • Aluminum shutters are ideal for indoor and outdoor, extremely durable and versatile

For over 20 years, Budget Blinds® has provided high-quality, fashion-forward window coverings to consumers and commercial businesses, including blinds, shades, shutters, window film, solar shades, drapery, curtains and more. The trend to expand living space by connecting the outside and inside demands decorative options that can accommodate both. This means that fabrics and products need to be durable enough for outdoors, but also translate well into beautiful options for indoor décor.

Budget Blinds has a host of window treatments that allow for the effortless combining of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Versatile Solar Shades

Solar shades have long been popular for indoor sun protection while still enjoying a view. Today’s solar shades are designed for outside use as well, weather-resistant and durable enough to enclose a patio, deck or sunroom.

  • Solar shades filter light and block the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays, protecting your furnishings and your guests
  • Durable enough for commercial businesses like restaurants, offices and retail stores, solar shades will give years of functionality and beauty in your home
  • Available in a range of openness levels, for complete light and privacy control
  • Lots of fabric styles and colors to choose from to create your own custom look
  • Solar shade sliding panels are ideal for seamless indoor/outdoor living

Durable outdoor curtains and drapes

Budget Blinds offers a wide array of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles in specialty outdoor fabrics that can add beauty and atmosphere to both your indoor or outdoor spaces. It’s easy to extend your indoor theme to your outside patio or deck using complementary patterns and colors in durable outdoor fabrics.

  • Available in bright modern prints, including geometric shapes, nature motifs, and stripes
  • Solids come in soothing neutrals or vibrant colors
  • 100% polyester construction means low maintenance and easy care
  • Fabrics are anti-bacterial/anti-microbial, water repellent, and fade and stain resistant
  • Outdoor fabrics create beautiful custom pillows, cushions, and drapes suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorating

Artistic elegance with faux iron 

Intricate designs in wrought iron add artistic elegance to any décor, but iron is expensive, very heavy and rusts over time, especially if used outside. Budget Blinds’ Tableaux faux iron designs give the beauty of wrought iron without the negatives.

  • Faux iron costs less than real wrought iron, yet looks authentic
  • A very light-weight product, it can safely be applied to windows, skylights, transoms, and arches
  • Faux iron designs can be custom built to any shape or size you need
  • Made from a dense composite material, faux iron is moisture resistant, and can be used indoors or out, for either a window treatment or as a decorative accent piece
  • Provides an open view to connect indoor and outdoor spaces

Protective, decorative window film 

For a completely unobstructed view between indoors and out, window film is the perfect solution, with options from clear to varying degrees of tint. Even clear window film rejects 40% of the sun’s rays, blocks glare and provides UV protection for your furnishings. Decorative window film offers the same protections, with a light touch of privacy, in patterns such as stained glass, frosted, etched designs, textured glass and more.

Weather-resistant aluminum shutters

Perfect for outdoors, aluminum shutters can protect and enclose a patio, deck or sunroom as well as be an ideal window covering for sliding patio doors that connect inside and out. Control your view and your privacy with shutters that can withstand harsh weather, high traffic and rambunctious kids. Available in multiple slat sizes, styles such as fixed, hinged, multifold and sliding panels, all in a wide range of colors and wood grain finishes, ensure that aluminum shutters can match any décor.

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start integrating your living spaces through design. Use color and pattern to unify the family room and adjacent patio with coordinating solar shades, drapery panels, and custom pillows so there’s no interruption of your good taste.

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