What is Rustic Decor Style?

Rustic Decor

Walking into a room with rustic decor should feel cozy and welcoming. The natural fibers, muted color palette, and wood features evoke the calmness of nature and the charm of simplicity. The furniture emphasizes the connection with natural materials and comfort, and the windows should let in just the right amount of sunlight through wooden blinds or textured curtains. 

When you're creating a rustic decor look for your interior, your window treatments are the finishing touch on that design. Include the right window coverings in your design plans for a cohesive rustic decor aesthetic.

What is rustic decor?

The hallmarks of rustic home decor are natural materials, a welcoming design, and a color palette that comes from the great outdoors. Common textures include wood, natural fibers, and stone. 

When looking for rustic ideas, you'll encounter aesthetics like exposed beams, handmade items, and functional furniture as well as browns, beiges, grays, and tans in warm hues. You can also take your rustic interior in a sustainable direction by repurposing items and opting for all-natural instead of synthetic materials.Rustic Decor Style BudgetBlinds MoodboardAs you consider bringing rustic decor into your home, a mood board is a helpful way to tackle a new interior design challenge. Collect inspiration from your favorite rustic interior design looks and use it to help create the interior of your dreams in your home. Incorporating the best aspects from several looks will help you put together a design that fits your space and is uniquely yours.

How can my window treatments tie into my rustic decor?

Your window treatment choices pull together your rustic interior. Use them to complement the colors or textures running throughout your room. Some rustic decor focuses on simple design and rougher textures like wood and stone, while other styles lean towards fabric patterns and textures. 

Your local Budget Blinds design expert can help you decide what direction you’ll want to take with your rustic decor window coverings. Maybe if you’re leaning towards the softer rustic look, you might opt for drapes, valances, or shades to match your interior. If you're leaning towards a more craftsman style in your rustic decor, you might find yourself leaning towards wood blinds, shades made from natural materials, or wooden shutters. 

What type of window treatments are rustic?

You have plenty of options when it comes to rustic window treatments, both in terms of their look and material. Considering the importance of light control, insulation, and the overall aesthetic will be important factors to discuss with your local Budget Blinds design expert when selecting your rustic decor window coverings.

Use your mood board to identify your favorite types of window treatments for rustic decor. Visualizing the different window treatments in your own space can be extremely helpful when you’re working to narrow down your choices.

Wood blinds

Custom wood blinds are a great choice for rustic decor. They can be painted or stained to match any other wood you have in your interior, like hardwood flooring or the trim on your furniture. You can ask for a rustic finish to enhance the texture of the wood on wooden blinds. Our wood blinds come from certified, domestic forests, so you know the wood is quality and sustainable.

Natural light is an important part of any rustic interior, and wood blinds are the perfect way to let some sun in without overwhelming the room. If you'd like to keep the light in your house perfect all day without worrying about it, Budget Blinds has automated blinds that will adjust themselves throughout the day based on the sunlight to let in just enough light without exposing your interior to direct UV rays. A motorization is a great option, if you don’t want to worry about the hassle of cords or need to make sure your interior is safe for young children or pets, or you can opt for cordless blinds.

Bamboo and woven shades

If you want eco-friendly window treatments in your rustic interior, then bamboo shades and other shades in natural materials are your go-to. They create an elegant, natural look and are crafted of bamboo, grasses, reeds, and Jutes. These shades let a little bit of light filter through while still allowing for privacy. 

There are several different lining options for your shades, including blackout lining, which is great if you're using them in a bedroom or a room you’d like more privacy or better light control. Pair bamboo shades in a variety of earth tones with woven rugs and wooden furniture. We offer bamboo shades in a wide variety of colors, so you'll certainly find many options that complement your new rustic interior.

Interior shutters

Some rustic interiors in the craftsman style opt for bold statements with heavy exposed beams, slab tables, and metal fixtures. For this type of decor, you can choose equally bold interior shutters. As with wood blinds, shutters can be custom color-matched to your window trim or other wood accents in the room. 

Shutters also come in a variety of finishes and stains.  Any unique window shapes can be covered by having them outfitted with custom-made interior shutters. Octagonal windows, arched windows, and even French doors can be customized with beautiful shutters to match your rustic decor.

Wood interior shutters naturally insulate your windows, so they may help lower your energy costs. If your windows lack any trim, interior shutters will add rustic elegance and make even the plainest of windows pop.


Drapes are a classic that will help soften your interior if your rustic decor includes a lot of heavy furniture and harsh lines. There are plenty of rustic curtain ideas, and Budget Blinds offers a wide collection of the perfect hardware to pair them with. 

Light, textured panels can go over windows in rustic interiors with large wooden furniture, exposed beams, and other craftsman features as a way to add some fabric and lightness, and femininity to your room. On the opposite end of the spectrum, heavy drapes with rich textures can complement the masculinity of certain rustic interiors. 

Drapes and panels with room-darkening liners give you the control to keep the room as bright or as dim as you want by keeping them opened or closed. These liners can also provide additional insulation to a room and provide UV protection to your rustic interior. When opting for panels and drapes, opt for neutral colors and natural textures to enhance your rustic look. 

What does not fit into rustic decor?

You won't find bold colors or busy patterns in rustic decor. Loud accent walls and flashy modern art also don't fit this design style. Rustic decor is meant to be welcoming and homey, so any stuffy or overly ornate design elements need to go. There's a place for busy, maximalist curtains and bright accent furniture, but it isn't in your rustic home.

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