What Are Roman Shades in Steilacoom and How Will They Help?

With so many types of window coverings, it’s easy to find yourself lost. You’ll have heard of venetian blinds, honeycomb shades, interior shutters, café shutters, and even roman shades in Steilacoom. It’s hard to tell the difference between some of them and then decide on the best one for you.

It’s worth looking at them one at a time. Steilacoom roman shades could be exactly what you need for your home. Here’s a look at just what they are and how they will help dress your window.

What Are Roman Shades?

Roman shades, like all other shades, help to block out the sun. While they pull down like solar shades, they don’t roll up. Instead, they stack evenly. You’ll see the fabric hang with a slight loop, so the shade sits in a smaller space. However, you can also buy shades that stack instead. This is a classic design that has been overshadowed by the looped, cascading styles.

Most roman shades will use a cord mechanism. However, there are some changes being made to protect children. The cords will usually run on the outside of the blind, and you just pull on one side or the other depending on whether you want to open and close.

The material has a smooth look and feel to it. Most other shades will use bumpy and ribbed material for various heating and aesthetic benefits.

Offering the Benefits of All Other Shades

Quite honestly there is little difference between Steilacoom roman shades and other types of blinds. They will all offer lighting and heating benefits in the home. One of the benefits of roman shades is the use of the fabric material rather than wood or vinyl.

It’s easier to make the fabric work with different designs and styles, making the blinds suitable for the majority of rooms in the home. They come in a range of colors and designs, suiting all personalities and styles.

The material will also allow some daylight to shine through but without the glare. Fabric can be slightly thinner to make it possible for some daylight to prevent the use of electricity. That isn’t the case with wood and vinyl.

Creating a Beautiful Open Look

One of the biggest benefits to roman shades in Steilacoom is the style when the blinds are open. The way the looped blinds cascade helps to create a slightly more aesthetically pleasing look. It creates a smooth style for the window, drawing attention for the beauty. There’s no need for window treatments at the top to cover the blinds, because they look like treatments on their own.

If you want the classic, you can also gain benefits. The blinds tend to take up less space in the window because they stack. You gain more daylight through the window when open and it tends to be easier to hide the blinds behind trellises. 

When you’re looking for window treatments, make sure you look into each option available to you. Steilacoom roman shades are beautiful additions when used right. They offer the benefits of so many other shades, while offering the aesthetic benefits when opened fully.