5 Creative Ideas for the Most Beautiful Roman Shades in Dupont

Dupont roman shades are beautiful additions to the home. With the right materials and styles, you can make your shades work for any décor in the home. It’s possible to make them work for the living room, conservatory, bedroom, and even the kitchen. Here are five creative ideas to make the shades work in the best way possible.

Opt for Bamboo Shades

Bamboo roman shades in Dupont are growing in popularity. They don’t only look good, but they are made with natural fibers and are among the most eco-friendly options around. With the mesh design, they allow air to flow in and out, allow light without the glare in, and help to manage the temperature control within a room. The materials are also suitable for humid rooms, so you can get roman shades in the kitchen and bathroom.

Try Linen Shades

Another popular material is linen for your roman shades. This can be as opaque or transparent as you want it to be, making them popular options for all rooms in the home. If you want slightly transparent, you can get beautiful additions to your conservatory, helping to block out the glare and UV rays without blocking out all the sun. Opaque options are perfect for the bedroom for more privacy.

Blend with Camo Blinds

If you want to blend in with the rest of your room, Dupont roman shades in a camo style are best. This doesn’t mean you get the military camouflage styles and colors! You get a color and style that matches the room. This could mean white to blend in with your white walls for example. The blinds don’t become the focal point for the room, helping to draw attention to another element in the room. When someone does spot them, they don’t take all the attention away because they are beautiful, quaint, and neutral looking.

Constructed Shades to Stand Out

If you want your roman shades in Dupont to stand out, then you’ll want to look into the use of constructed shades. These are created with metal poles and rods, so the cascading stands out when the blinds are all the way open. The materials are usually bolded and darkened colors, so they become a focal point in your home. You can also opt for pastel colors or bright shades to draw the attention in. The shades become rigid, so they don’t move in the breeze.

Stick with Relaxed Shades

Relaxed shades can still stand out depending on the colors you use, but they’re designed to be less rigid than the constructed options. They don’t use the metal poles and rods to keep the cascading in place, blowing around in the wind and creating an airy feel. Because they’re usually a soft material, they won’t clatter in the wind.

Dupont roman shades come in all different materials and styles. Consider the above five to work within your rooms in the home, so you have something for all needs and interests.