How to Make Bold-Colored Drapes in Lakewood Work in Your Home

Lakewood drapes come in all sorts of colors and styles. Bold colors are growing in popularity. One of the reasons many people shy away from them is the fear of being too loud in your home. Bold-colored drapes certainly take some getting used to if you don’t already use bright and loud colors in your home already. The good news is anyone can take advantage of the cheerful colors and here’s how to make them work in your home.

Make the Drapes the Focus

Start by keeping everything else in the room neutral. You want the bold-colored drapes in Lakewood to become the main focus of the room. Keep the walls white or a light cream and look out for neutral fabrics for your rugs, throws, ornaments, and furniture.

The eye will instantly draw to the drapes hanging in the windows. If you’re going to use a shade or linen curtains for UV protection, make them white or cream to avoid too many loud colors in the window.

Match with the Throws

If you want to add the bold colors to other parts of the room, keep the additions minimal. Opt for the same color of Lakewood drapes for the throws or the odd ornament. The attention mostly remains on the drapes, but will also be complemented by another part of the room.

You can go one step further by making one wall in the home the same color as the drapes. Work with the opposite or adjacent wall. Avoid painting the same wall as the window in the color, as this can be a little too much!

Start with One Color

It’s tempting to get your bold-colored drapes in multiple colors. There are many that come with stripes or polka dots to really make them stand out. The problem is the colors can clash and you may not be ready for them in the room. Too many colors that clash can be upsetting mentally and cause anxiety.

Start with just the one color in your curtains or drapes. As you get used to one color in the room, you can then build up to adding others and upgrading your drapes. Start with a bold yellow or orange. These two colors are happy ones, boosting your mental health naturally.

Pick a Color You Like

While orange and yellow are better for mental health benefits, you still want a color that you enjoy. If you don’t like orange or yellow or find them a little too much, you can start with bolding your favorite colors in the drapes in Lakewood. Pick something that you enjoy looking at to keep your mind at ease. This could be a bright fuchsia pink or a lime green that stands out.

You can also use different colors in each room. This gives the individual rooms their own character and style.

You can make bold-colored Lakewood drapes work in your home. Build your way up to adding a lot of loud colors, so your mind gets used to them.