5 Signs Your Roman Shades in Steilacoom Need Replacing

While you want to keep your shades and blinds for as long as possible, eventually they really do need replacing. In fact, there are times that replacing is more energy efficient and cheaper than trying to repair or maintain. That’s especially the case with Steilacoom roman shades. Look out for these five signs that your roman shades definitely need replacing.

The Edges Have Become Frayed

That a look at the quality of the material right now. While they may not have faded in color (getting onto that one next), they may have suffered from other types of damage. Frayed edges are among the most problematic and there’s no fix for it. When the edges start to fray, the whole material’s structure is compromised. This issue will continue to get worse until you take them down and replace them.

The Colors Have Faded

UV damage is common on Steilacoom roman shades. However, it’s easy to forget the color that your shades used to be. The best thing you can do is take a high-quality photo when you first put them up. You can compare to the photo over the years to determine if the coloring has faded. Fading is a common side effect of the light constantly shining on the blinds. You’ll need to replace them, as there’s no way of getting the blinds back.

The Beams Are Bent

Warping can also occur. Most roman shades in Steilacoom will have wooden slats running along the middle to help with the cascading or the stacking (depending on the type of blinds you got). Once they start to warp, the shades won’t sit properly when open or closed. You can end up with one side hanging lower than the other or the blinds lose their stacking ability. While you could replace the sections, depending on how many you need to fix, you may be best getting new ones.

They’re Not Child Safe

Take a look at the type of roman shades in Steilacoom you have. Are they suitable for children running around? If you have cords hanging down, then the answer is a big no! Corded shades are starting to go the way of the dodo. While they can be practical, there have been too many horror stories of children getting their necks caught. It’s just best to keep the corded options out of a house with children. If you already have them, start looking for a new set of blinds.

They Don’t Match the Décor

Finally, be honest about the current makeover you’ve planned. Do the old roman shades really match the new style? There’s nothing wrong with saying no. Now you just have to decide whether you want something that matches the current shades or you’re going to change the shades. If you really want that décor change, get a new set of shades.

Steilacoom roman shades are absolutely beautiful. Make sure they always look that way by replacing them when the time comes.