Why Perfect-Fit Honeycomb Blinds in Lincoln Are the Best for Conservatories

If you have a conservatory, you want a set of window treatments that allow the light in but block the glare. Solar shades are often touted as the best option, but they’re not great for heating benefits. This is where Lincoln honeycomb blinds come into play. Perfect-fit blinds are the best for all conservatories and here’s a look at why.

No Gaps in Your Windows

During the winter, your blinds should help to keep the heating in your home. They should help you spend less on your heating bills. Solar shades don’t offer that benefit. While honeycomb blinds in Lincoln are good, getting the perfect-fit ones are even better. They offer no gaps at all in your windows, as they’re placed on sliders in your window frame.

The lack of gaps is also good for the summer. You will still let light in, but not the UV rays that heat up the home. There are no gaps for heat to sneak through, so you can keep the cost of your air conditioning bills to a minimum while enjoying your conservatory.

Plus the perfect-fit blinds work in the same way as other honeycomb blinds. The honeycombs will trap the heat and circulate it back the way it came. This naturally helps to reduce the amount you need to use the heating and air conditioning in the winter and summer respectively.

Privacy but Still Light

Many people opt for solar shades in the conservatory because of the lighting benefits. You allow the light in without all the glare. Other blinds tend to block the light completely. That’s not the case for honeycomb blinds. The perfect-fit options tend to be lighter in color, so you still get the light but reduce the glare considerably.

During the night, you also get the privacy benefits. Solar shades work like one-way mirrors. During the day you have plenty of privacy but on a night people can see into your home easily. Lincoln honeycomb blinds don’t offer that downside. They block the view into your home throughout the day, so you can enjoy the conservatory even in the evening, as the sun starts setting.

No Cords to Keep the Family Safe

Perfect-fit honeycomb blinds in Lincoln are the safest option for those with children running around. You can’t keep your eye on children all the time. That just isn’t realistic no matter what the perfect parents will tell you. But you can keep the rooms as safe as possible and get rid of corded blinds is the first step.

Perfect-fit blinds sit in the frame on a runner. You just simply pull up and down to open and close. There are no strings that can become tangled or cause a health hazard at all as you have with solar shades.

It’s time to consider Lincoln honeycomb blinds, but not just any type. Perfect-fit blinds offer a world of benefits: practical, financial, and safety ones.