4 Bold Colors for Draperies in Lincoln You Need to Consider

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Any Star Trek fan will recognize that line. Sure, that was all about space and exploration, but we’re using it as a statement regarding your Lincoln draperies. It’s time to go for the bold colors.

Bold colors will stand out. They bring character and brightness to your room in a way that no other colors can. They create a setting that is impressive and elegant, especially when you try out the following four bold colors for your draperies in Lincoln.

1. Hunter Green

Let’s start with a beautiful green color. If you want to bring a rustic look or feel to your home, you’ll definitely need to choose this color. It’s a slightly darker green than you may be used to, bringing a sense of the forest to your home—this is why it gets its name “hunter” green. The idea is to blend in while hunting.

Green is instantly calming. Your guests will feel more at ease the minute they step into your home.

2. Raspberry

If you want a color that stands out without shouting too much, then it’s going to be raspberry for your Lincoln draperies. The color stands out against white or beige walls but isn’t too in-your-face. You’ll feel more at ease in your home, which is important for a relaxed atmosphere. It’s useful in the bedroom when you want a little more sensuality in the room.

Because of the slightly muted red, it doesn’t bring through the sense of anger and agitation that other reds can. Raspberry is also more summery, so you’ll feel happier instantly looking at your drapes.

3. Sea Blue

Add the sea to your home to instantly make it feel like you’re at the beach. Teamed with white walls, the blue is crisp and clear to help bring some simplicity to your room. You’ll not feel overpowered by all the colors, keeping a sense of calmness and serenity. Of course, these feelings are multiplied through the use of sea blue, as the color is relaxing for many.

Not sure where to hang these drapes? Try in your living room, bedroom, or the den; rooms that you’ll spend a lot of time.

4. Fuchsia Pink

Sometimes you want to be loud and proud. This is definitely where fuchsia pink comes into play. This bright and bold color will instantly draw attention to your Lincoln draperies hanging in any room. You can bring out your personality in an instant. It works best when the rest of the room is quite muted, except possibly a throw or a couple of cushions in the same color.

This color doesn’t work for everyone. It can be a little too loud and lead to some anxiety. You’ll want to get a small sample to test first.

Are you ready to go bold? Try out one of the more muted colors if you’re not sure yet. You can soon build your way up to loud and proud draperies in Lincoln.

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