How to Bring the Outdoors Inside with Window Treatments in Lincoln

Window treatments in Lincoln come in all sorts of colors, designs, and styles. You can get roller shades, wooden blinds, solar shades, and much more. The problem with many is that they can seem claustrophobic. They make a room look smaller than they should be.

It’s time to bring the outdoors inside the home. Make your home look more like nature, so the space looks bigger and brighter. Here are the opt ways to do so with your window treatments.

Allow More Natural Light In

Look at the type of window treatments in Lincoln that you have in your home. Consider replacing them if you don’t let a lot of natural light in with them. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the blackout benefits if you need them at strategic points during the day.

For example, a set of faux wood blinds or plantation shutters could be perfect. You get the look of natural wood and when the slats are open, they allow all the natural light in that you could possibly need. When you need complete darkness, you can quickly close the blinds. Because of the coloring and material, you don’t quite get the closed in feeling of other window treatments.

Natural light is more beautiful and brighter than artificial light. If you can get solar shades, you could make the space immediately look bigger. A set of curtains are then good for a night for privacy.

Choose a Natural Wood Material

Instead of working with faux wood and synthetic materials, look at installing natural wood window treatments in Lincoln rooms. These are highly beneficial, as they naturally bring the outdoors into your home. You immediately get the rustic feel.

The natural wood is also beneficial for all rooms in the home. Woven wood is, by far, the most beneficial. Bamboo roller shades are becoming some of the most favorable window treatments around the world.

The material helps to reduce the amount of UV rays coming into the room, while also offering energy efficient additions. You get some natural light, while getting complete privacy. And some are excellent for avoiding water retention, making them perfect for humid rooms.

Add More Nature Decorations Around the Windows

It’s not all about your shades and blinds. Window treatments in Lincoln can also include decorations on the windowsill. Look out for nature decorations that will help to bring a sense of the outdoors into your home.

Plants are the easiest options but you could also add candles that have an outdoor scent or a pattern on the outside of the candle holder. If you’re completely at a lost, look out for wicker baskets that can hold stones, gems, and fake plants.

Also, don’t forget to strip back the wood around your windows to the wood. Sand and varnish and you’ll have the natural wood standing out.

It’s time to add as much of nature as possible into your home. You can do this through your window treatments in Lincoln, opening the space and getting rid of that claustrophobic feeling.