Vertical Blinds in Waverly Alternatives for Your Sliding Doors

Sliding doors tend to be tricky to manage when it comes to window treatments. You usually need to choose vertical blinds in Waverly because they work in the same direction. However, you end up with the clinging of the material when you open your door, especially in the summer with the cool breeze.

You want something different. It’s time to find the best vertical blinds alternatives for your sliding doors. Here are some of your opt options.

Vertical Cellular Shades

You’ve likely heard of cellular shades for your windows. They move up and down like a roller blind, but usually within a frame. You can get easy-to-use cordless blinds that are affordable and offer a range of benefits. Well, it turns out you can also get some that are perfect for your sliding doors.

One of the downsides of roller and cellular shades is that they tend to behorizonal and get in the way of the doorway. That’s not the case with vertical cellular shades. Like your vertical blinds in Waverly, the shades are set up to open in the same direction as your sliding doors.

In a way, your shades become a little like a screen for your door. You’ll get all the benefits of cellular shades (including the heating benefits for the part of the home that loses the most heat in the winter) while getting something that is practical and looks good.

Consider a Set of Drapes

If you want to get rid of the vertical blinds in Waverly but still need something affordable and easy to use, drapes could be the perfect option. They are placed over the top of your door and you can open and close the drapes quickly and effortlessly.

But don’t drapes open either side of the doorway? They don’t have to. It’s possible to get a single panel instead of double, so the material only opens one way. You can pull on and off in the direction the doors move. You’ll likely want a custom-made option to get the right width though.

You can choose two panels and push them the same direction. This limits the need for custom-made drapes and offers the ability to pull in the same direction as your doors.

Set Up Sliding Panels

Sliding panels work in a similar way to your vertical blinds in Waverly. You use a pull cord to slide the panels back and forth, working in the same direction as your sliding doors. The difference is in the style and material.

Sliding panel blinds are also known as Panel Track Blinds. You will get one long sheet of, usually, fabric but it’s layered to offer some heating benefits. In a way, you have roller blinds that slide on and off instead. You can choose to close all panels or just one or two depending on the amount of light you want to let into your home.

Take a look at all your options for sliding doors. You don’t just need to hang vertical blinds in Waverly.