Top Interior Design Trends in 2019 Involving Window Coverings in Lincoln and More

When you’re looking at updating your interior design, you’ll likely look at the various trends for the year. You want something that’s catchy, up to date, and speaks to your personality. Whether you’re only changing your window coverings in Lincoln or looking to update everything about your room, you’ll want to pay attention to these interior design trends for 2019.

Work with Rich Hues

You’ll hear a lot of people saying that white is the way to go, especially when it comes to your window treatments. That’s definitely not the case though. In 2019, you want to make your coloring and your home stand out. Opt for rich hues.

You can add the hues easily through your paint or your window coverings in Lincoln. Your throws and table covers are other excellent options. A mid-tone blue that’s slightly lighter than navy but darker than denim will be great for a relaxing look. Forest green and terracotta are becoming other popular options to stand out.

Go for Tile Work

Adding ceramic tiles around your home can be beautiful. You’ll usually think about the bathroom or kitchen for this, but you can add them to other rooms in the home. Consider a small space along the windowsill or around a specific focal point in the home to use the tiles.

If you want a fake ceramic tile look, you can always work with patchwork in your window coverings in Lincoln. This is a great way to make your own drapes or blinds or just to test out the waters before you commit to something more permanent.

Work with Wood Throughout the Room

Try out wood. You can get furniture where you can see the wood on the feet or opt for wooden tables and shelving units. If you want to stand out around your windows, it’s possible to add wooden features around the frame.

You can even choose wooden blinds or shutters. If you’re not quite ready to go for real wood blinds – they’re expensive and have their downsides – opt for faux wood. You get the look of the real thing for the interior design trend, but you also gain your money’s worth out of the window treatments.

Opt for Period Window Coverings in Lincoln

Bring the history back into your home. You can add period pieces around the space, with the window coverings one of the easiest options.

If you have the money and you’re living somewhere for the long term, you may want to consider shutters. Add them inside or outside, you’ll get the period look immediately. Plantation and colonial shutters can work well, but barn shutters are highly effective.

For those who aren’t ready for shutters, consider adding roman shades to your home. The cascading view can bring in a sense of royalty and sophistication of the past.

What type of look do you want to gain from your interior design? The answer will help you choose window coverings in Lincoln and other features for your space.