Looped vs. Classic Roman Blinds in Lincoln: Which Is Right for You?

Lincoln roman blinds are extremely popular. They’re aesthetically pleasing for many styles and personalities. Roman blinds are also known as roman shades and they come in two types: classic and looped designs. Just what are they and which will be the right for you? Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

Looped Roman Blinds for a Cascading Look

When you think about adding roman shades to your home, you will likely think of the looped options. They are also known as hobbled and flat roman blinds in Lincoln. They certainly look beautiful and offer a cascading view from the top of your window.

Hobbled styles will stick out very slightly when they are opened. The loops stand forward, rather than working over the top of the lower layers. The cascading style is more prominent.

On the other hand, flat roman blinds will sit neatly on top of each other. They still have a cascading view but can take up less space and look neater.

Classic Roman Shades for a Simple Look

The classic shades will pull upwards and sit in a neat, stacked section at the top. In most cases, the material crumples slightly, which is more visible when the shade sits partially open. The blind hides away from everything when it’s opened, so the focus is on the actual window.

In some cases, the classic style can hang slightly lower in the middle. The cords are at the sides, drawing them up tighter than the middle section.

Which Is Best for You?

The type of Lincoln roman shades you choose for your home will depend on the goal you have for your room and style. The looped designs will certainly draw attention in. They tell people that there is something hanging in the window throughout the day. While they stay out of the way, you’ll need to make sure the color and material works with the décor you wanted for the room.

Classic shades don’t quite have this. You can hide the shades completely throughout the day. The only time they stand out is when they are in use. If you’re worried about anyone seeing them while open, you can use window treatments at the top to easily hide the material of the blinds.

All other benefits are the same. The blinds are made of durable material that can be partially see-through or completely opaque. It’s easy to control the light in the room by opening and closing the blinds. With slightly see-through options, you can keep the light coming in without the glare. This manages the light levels a little easier.

There are also the same heating benefits. The material will prevent the heat escaping through the window in your home, lowering the costs of your energy bills.

Whether you get looped or classic roman blinds in Lincoln, you’ll get beautiful shades to add character to the home. It’s possible to mix and match for the different rooms, making sure you get the right character for every single room and personality.