How to Make Blackout Blinds Lincoln Look Awesome

You know you need Lincoln blackout blinds for rooms. They’re practical, especially for a child’s bedroom. The problem is they can look boring. That’s because of the common misconceptions about blackout options. Gone are the days where they have to be made with dark materials. Here are the top tips to make your blackout blinds look awesome.

Thick Material, Bright Colors

Nobody has to have dark blackout blinds in Lincoln if they don’t want. While you may decide that black or dark blue options are best for the décor, you can also look out for bright colors. Yellows, reds, oranges, and even whites are popular options for many.

It’s all about the thickness of the material. Look out for thick PVC roller blinds. The material is naturally opaque, regardless of the color of it. You can end up with crisp and bright shades that work better for the room’s décor. You get to add far more excitement and style with the look, rather than working around the blinds in the best way possible.

PVC isn’t the only material option. You can also get thick fabrics to get the blackout effect. Bright pinks, baby blues, and soft creams are all possible with the right blackout material.

Opt for a Printed Image

Rather than just going for a color or pattern, add a print image to your blackout blinds. There are now many that come with floral prints, beautiful woodland artwork and other outdoor designs. They help to bring an element of nature into the room, making it look bigger than normal.

It’s also possible to get custom made blackout blinds. You can add a printed image or artwork of your own choice. It’s possible to add a family portrait or a landscape photo that you adore the most.

These printed images are beautiful for adult bedrooms or for teenagers. Let the person whose room it is choose the printed image, especially when it comes to custom made. Just watch out for people choosing to have the blinds closed all the time!

Get Cartoon Characters Printed On

How about putting favorite characters on the blinds? Some Lincoln blackout blinds already come with the typical cartoon characters. You can get cute dogs, cats, bears and more. However, you can also select popular cartoon characters. Going for comic book heroes is another popular option when it comes to blackout blinds for the bedroom.

These can work for all rooms. Nurseries look adorable with the printed cartoon characters. You can even choose the alphabet and numbers to make the blinds teaching materials as the children get older. When kids outgrow the cartoon characters, they can choose movies, TV shows, and comics they love the most to put in their bedrooms.

Go with Beautiful Floral Prints

Rather than the artwork, invest in blackout blinds in Lincoln with beautiful floral prints. Work with vines intertwining along a white or cream base. Look into getting fall leaves falling from the top. Consider snowflakes for your winter décor.

The best thing about floral prints is there is something for all seasons. You can bring the outdoors to your bedroom without any hassle. This works with other décor items to make your room shine bright.

Don’t just choose black shades for your Lincoln blackout blinds if you don’t want them. It’s not the color that blocks all the light, but the material. With the right material, you can use the above tips to make your room look awesome.