4 Ideas for Repurposing Your Plantation Shutters in Lincoln

While Lincoln plantation shutters last for decades, eventually they need replacing. If parts of them have been broken in harsh storms, you’ll want to replace them to get all the benefits again. Replacing your shutters doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. You can repurpose them for other needs and uses. Here are four ideas for repurposing your shutters the next time you’re replacing them.

Create a New Shelving Unit

How about creating a beautiful shelving unit for your home? There are a few ways that you can do this. Start by just laying your shutters flat and placing L-shaped or triangular brackets underneath to hold in place. The louvers on the plantation shutters in Lincoln will act as a stand for your plates and dishes! No need to have everything piled on top of each other in the cupboard.

Another option is to nail up-right to the wall. You can add small boards of wood or faux wood to the front, to create longer shelves for your makeup, jewelry, and more. If you want something by the door, consider hooks for your keys along one of the louvers.

Don’t forget to varnish down the wood and repaint it before making your shelves. This way you can make them fit your room décor.

Make Christmas Decorations

Close the louvers and start painting a Christmas background. The shutters can hang outside to welcome people in or sit close to the tree in the room. The repurposed shutters look beautiful and you can have any type of artwork on the front that you want. Snowmen are the most popular but consider dressing up with snowflakes and baubles.

And it’s not just Christmas decorations that work. Consider beach decorations or dress up with leaves and pinecones for the fall. You can have different Lincoln plantation shutters for each season to bring the world to life.

Try a Rustic Table

How about adding some legs to your shutters? You can make your boards into a table, both with the louvers open or closed. If the shutters aren’t broken and just look worn, consider leaving them to make them more authentic and rustic.

However, you can sand down the wood and transform the shutters into something new and brighter. Make your table work with the décor in the house, regardless of the type of Lincoln plantation shutters you have.

Opt for a Rustic Headboard

Instead of buying a headboard for your bed, consider opting for the shutters to work in its place instead. You can nail the shutters to the wall and push the bed right up against it. If your bed comes with a headboard, the shutters can still work.

Consider keeping the shutters in the current state, as long as they’re not overly damaged. You’ll get the rustic appeal in the room.

As long as your plantation shutters in Lincoln aren’t moldy or a hazard, you can repurpose them for your home. Consider the above four options and make them practical additions after their lifespan.

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