Why You Should Add an Exterior Cornice in Renton

You’ll hear all about adding a cornice in Renton to the inside of your home. You’ll hear all about the decorative benefits, and how they can add some value to your home. What about the exterior of your home, though?

If cornices are so good for decorative benefits, won’t they work well for the outside of the windows? Here’s why you’ll want to consider adding a cornice to each window outside of your home.

Add to the Period of the Property

Unless you have a modern home, your house will have a lot of character and a story to tell. You will often find decorative additions above the door or along the porch to add to this style. A cornice in Renton will allow you to add the same style to the windows.

Even if you just add a cornice to each of the front-facing windows, you’ll gain this benefit. You can choose a style that matches the look just above the door to continue the period the house was built.

If you do have a modern home, you can add a look of a period style with ease. The cornice will create a focal point as people walk up to the home.

Create Curb Appeal for Your Home

Everyone is looking for a way to make their home look good from the outside. Curb appeal is important for you and your neighborhood. You want to be proud of where you live. A cornice in Renton is a great way to add that curb appeal.

You may have exterior shutters, or maybe you have considered them. They can take some upkeep, whereas a cornice isn’t as bad. You place and just keep clean. They don’t offer the practical benefits that shutters do, but you still add that curb appeal.

You make it clear that you look after your property. This helps to boost the value of the home when it comes to selling.

Match with a Flowerbed

Do you have an under the window flowerbed on the outside of the home? You can add extra character with a cornice in Renton over the top. Make the cornice match the flowerbed style and color. You can forgo the decorative shutters on the outside this way.

You only need to do this for the front-facing windows if you want. However, you can add character around the entire house, especially if your backyard is easily visible to passers-by, or if you want to add character for your own needs.

Watch out for if you change up your flowerbeds at any point. This is going to affect the way your cornices look. You can always repaint your cornices to give it a fresh look, but keeping the flowerbeds the same and just changing out the flowers is usually a better idea.

A cornice in Renton is a great way to add character to your home. Why should you only add one to the interior of the home? What about the outside of the windows so others can enjoy the beauty?

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