How Bamboo Blinds in Kent Can Still Manage the Light

When you need a new set of window coverings, you’ll likely turn to something environmentally friendly. Bamboo blinds in Kent are among the best options that you can get for all stages of the purchase and use to protect the environment. However, you may worry about the control of the light.

You want a set of window coverings that will block out the light as you need to, but sometimes just filter it in. The good news is there are different styles of bamboo blinds that are sure to help you get the light management you need.

Look Out for Venetian Blinds in Bamboo

The first type of window covering to look at is a venetian blind. You can get these blinds in all sorts of materials, with bamboo blinds in Kent becoming more and more popular. The material is easy to source, it is environmentally friendly, and it works in every single room in the house, including the bathroom.

Will it manage the light, though? Yes.

The great thing about venetian blinds is that you can twist the slats. It’s possible to redirect the light as it shines through the windows, so if you have a lot of glare, you can redirect it away from your eyes to gain comfort. This helps to protect your furniture and reduce rising temperatures at the same time.

When you do want to block all the light, you just twist the slats closed. If you want to let in the natural light, you just twist the slats open or just open the whole blind!

Choose Woven Wood Bamboo Blinds

Look out for bamboo blinds in Kent that are in a woven style. This is usually in a roller shade style, allowing you ease of use to pull the shade up and down. When you want to let in all the light and you don’t mind about the loss of privacy, you just pull the shade all the way up.

The woven nature will allow a little light to filter in when the blinds are closed. This will depend on the exact style of the woven blinds. There are some that don’t have any gaps in them at all, offering a full blackout effect when you need it.

If you have the blackout style, you just roll the shade up a little to allow some light in. When you have the style with gaps, you’re always going to have a little light but you don’t need to deal with the glare. There may be times that you’ll need a blackout effect with the woven styles with gaps. In this case, you’re going to need a secondary window covering. However, closing the bamboo blinds is going to help block a lot of natural light.

You don’t need to lose all the light when you close your bamboo blinds in Kent. It’s going to depend on the style of blind that you get, and there are so many options now. Venetian blinds are great, but you can also opt for woven wood blinds if you want a simplistic style that works for all rooms.

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