Why Add Fabric Over Your Cornice in Kent

You’ve decided to get a cornice in Kent for each of your windows. This is a great move if you have hardware from window coverings that you need to hide. The problem for some is that their cornices can look a little bland.

Cornices are made of wood, which makes them on the more permanent side compared to valances. That often means that you choose a neutral color, often fitting in with the color of your window pane. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to that neutral color all the time, though. You could get fabric to put over the top, and here’s why you’ll want to consider that.

Create a Feeling for the Season

You want to add seasonal décor around the home. This is often through the use of pillow covers and throws. You may have some seasonal decorations that you put on shelves or walls. What about over your windows, though? You can get a fabric for over the cornice in Kent that brings a sense of the season.

The fabric is easy to source, and you’ll be able to get something that fits the cornice exactly. There are some great, non-permanent ways to put that fabric over the cornice, allowing you easy removal when it comes to changing for the next season.

Your home becomes a place you love to spend time in. You can look at your windows with a smile as the cornices are no longer boring.

Work with a Change of Window Coverings

Did you originally have blinds hanging in the window? Maybe now you have some roller shades or curtains in bold colors. You want to continue that look around your window, but you don’t want to get rid of your cornice in Kent. There’s no need to do that.

You can get fabric instead. Add the fabric over the top of your cornice. This is something that you can change easily if you opt for a different set of window coverings in a few years. All you’ll need to do is make sure your fabric matches the colors of your curtains or shades. Make it work with the décor style that you have going.

Change the Décor for a Change of Room Use

Did the room used to be a guest room? Maybe you’ve changed it into a home office or a child’s room. With a change of room use, you need to change the décor up. This doesn’t always mean that you’ll get new window coverings, but you will want to look at the style of your window coverings. It’s time to add something to your cornice in Kent.

You’ll want to create style for the new room use. If it’s a child’s room, get fabric that has prints of their favorite cartoon characters. As children get older, you can easily switch out the fabric for other cartoon characters or favorite colors. You’re not limited for the rest of their time in the room.

Fabric makes change easy. You’re fed up with having a boring looking cornice in Kent. It’s time to add some fabric over the top.

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