Why Mount Faux Wood Blinds in Renton Outside Your Window Frame

There are two main ways to mount your faux wood blinds in Renton. The first is within the window frame. The second is on the outside. You want to do the latter as much as possible.

Inside mounts are great for small spaces. If you do have one, disregard this idea. If your room is large enough to avoid looking cramped, you’ll want to mount on the outside of the window frame.

Avoid Catching on the Side

When faux wood blinds in Renton are mounted on the inside of the window frame, they can catch on the side. As you pull the blinds up and down, you’ll find they can slide along the wall and potentially scrape off some of the paint. To avoid this, you’ll get blinds that are slightly smaller than the windows, so you end up with some gaps appearing. The gaps cause problems for the lighting and temperature benefits.

When you mount on the outside of the window frame, you don’t have this problem. You’ll get something that slides up and down the windows with ease, and there’s no need to get something slightly smaller. In fact, you’ll likely get something that’s slightly bigger, offering more lighting and temperature benefits when they’re in use.

Avoid the Light Problems

As mentioned, you’ll get something with gaps when you mount the faux wood blinds in Renton inside your window frame. You need to avoid the material catching the sides of the windows. This causes some light problems.

You’re getting blinds to block the light coming in. If you’ve got something for a blackout effect, you’re going to lose that with the small gaps either side. The natural light shines through. If you’re only getting room darkening or looking to filter the light, this isn’t going to be as much of a problem.

Remember the light works both ways. If you have the gaps, people will see you have a light on during the night. They can tell if you’re in or not.

Buy Premade Window Coverings

While custom faux wood blinds in Renton are the best, not everyone can afford them. You may not even want to wait for them to be made. You want to head out to a store and buy the premade offerings. You can do that much easier when you get something that’s mounted on the outside of your window frame.

Windows aren’t made the same size. You’ll need to measure your windows to make sure you get something that fits. You may have to go a little smaller than you’d like when mounting inside, creating more gaps. The best way to get something that fits well is to get them custom made.

That’s not the case when you mount outside. You just need to buy larger than the windows, which gives you more choice.

While there are a lot of benefits to mounting on the inside, there are some problems. When it comes to faux wood blinds in Renton, consider mounting them on the outside of your window frames.

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