Where to Hang Blinds in SeaTac in Deep Windows

You have two choices when it comes to installing blinds in SeaTac. They either mount on the outside of the window frame, or they mount on the inside. Both of these mounting options come with their own pros and cons.

When it comes to deep windows, you’ll want to think carefully about your mounting options. Here are considerations to help find the best way to hang blinds in deep windows.

You Hide the Windows with Outside Mounted Blinds

If you’ve chosen to mount blinds in SeaTac on the outside of the window frame, you’re hiding the deep windows. This can be great if you find the deeper windows off-putting, but you’re likely hiding one of the great parts of the room. Deep windows create a sense of texture in the home naturally.

You’ll likely use the windowsills for a lot of needs. They’re great for placing plants, photos, decorations, and more. When you opt for outside mounted blinds, you lose the view of them. This is only when they are closed, though. Once the blinds are open, you’ll see everything that is hanging there. Sometimes, it can be good to close off everything that is happening around the windowsills.

Inside Mounted Blinds Can Get in the Way

What about when you mount the blinds in SeaTac on the inside of the window? If you have a lot of items on the windowsill, you could find that they get in the way. The blinds need space to hang at the bottom of the windowsill when closed, and you lose that space with items around there.

There are ways around this issue. Most blinds will only need a small section of the sill to sit in when closed. You get the rest of the windowsill to do what you want, so you just need to make sure nothing is touching the windows. You won’t want items touching the windows anyway. Plus, you get to see everything even when the blinds are closed.

Outside Mounts Need More Material

When you opt for outside mounted blinds in SeaTac, you have more space to cover. This means you need more material, and more material means a higher cost. If you want to keep the costs for your blinds down, you’ll want to opt for inside mounted options.

However, it is worth noting that even the outside mounted blinds are going to be cheaper than a few other window coverings. You’re still opting for less material than you would for something like drapes, so you get to keep the costs down that way.

The inside mounts do get to hide away from the rest of the world, though. You can create a cleaner look on a smaller budget.

How do you use the deep windows in your home? This is the main factor in choosing between outside and inside mounted https://budgetblinds.com/kent/our-products/blinds/​. If you use the sills for a lot of items, you’ll want to make sure your blinds don’t get in the way.

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