Do You Need a Valance in Tukwila with Your Venetian Blinds?

One of the big benefits of venetian blinds is that they don’t necessarily need anything to go with them. There’s no need for a secondary window covering because they offer so many benefits on their own. But what about when you want to add color to your windows. Could your venetian blinds work with a valance in Tukwila?

A valance will sit on top of your window. It offers no physical benefit and is there for purely decorative needs. Here’s why you may want to add valances to your venetian blinds.

You’ll Get a Quick Splash of Color

When you bought your venetian blinds, you likely opted for a neutral color. In some cases, this would be white, but you may have also chosen a natural wood color. This was a smart move for the long term, but it can look a little boring around your windows at times. You want to add color around your windows.

Curtains and drapes can do this, but they can also get in the way. Adding a valance in Tukwila can be an easier way to add a splash of color. You get something that is only there to be decorative and doesn’t get in the way of your windows or your blinds.

Your Valance in Tukwila Adds Texture to the Windows

Chances are that your venetian blinds are mounted on the inside of the window frame. This is a popular option, but it means the blinds hide within the windows. You don’t get the texture around the windows.

You want a way to make your windows look deeper. Or maybe you just want to feel like this part of the home stands out more. A valance is going to be the best way to do that.

They Allow You to Add Style to the Windows

If you live in a rented property, it may have already come with the venetian blinds. You don’t get to put up the roller shades or roman blinds that you preferred. You need to add color in another way.

This is a way a valance in Tukwila becomes useful. The covering is a decorative option that doesn’t cause a lot of damage. You hang them above the blinds that cam with the property and show off your style with ease. Your landlord can’t stop you from doing this, and you create very little damage to the windows and no damage to the blinds.

The Valances Can Hide the Blinds When Opened

When you open your blinds, you’ll find the slats stack at the top. This can look unsightly, so you want to find something that helps you hide the stack. A valance in Tukwila is perfect.

The material sits over the top of the window and hangs down where the stack would sit. The venetian blind is hidden when open, without the valance ever getting in the way of it.

A valance in Tukwila won’t offer a lot of benefits, but they can be beautiful additions to the home. They’re certainly great to double with your practical venetian blinds.

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