Can You Get Vertical Blinds in Burien to Open in the Middle?

Vertical blinds look great, and they’re often recommended for sliding patio doors because they open in the same way. These blinds in Burien are also great for large patio doors. You don’t necessarily want to open the blinds from one side to the other. You may want to open them in the middle.

Large patio doors may be French doors. The benefit of the vertical blinds is that they cover the entire door and window, but you want to be able to keep cover over side windows and still use the doors. Can you get vertical blinds that open little like drapes?

Get Custom Vertical Blinds in Burien to Open the Way You Want

There are options available. The first way to get the blinds to open like drapes is to have them custom-made. You can get something that is made with a specific type of material and in specific colors to work for your needs. This is the time to share how you want your blinds to open and close.

Don’t feel silly for asking for blinds that meet in the middle. You are certainly not the first person to have this sort of request. The manufacturers get it that you want something that is going to offer privacy or light benefits at the side of the doors while you have full access to your French patio doors.

Custom blinds do offer a range of benefits. The biggest is that you get something that works specifically for your needs. This isn’t just about opening and closing the way you want but also offering the privacy, light management, and heating benefits you need.

Install Two Separate Vertical Blinds Over Your Door to Meet in the Middle

You don’t have to go for the custom options if you don’t want. Custom vertical blinds in Burien can end up being on the more expensive side. You can look at premade options if you want to keep the costs down.

In this case, it’s all about how you install them. You’ll want to get two sets of blinds that are installed the opposite ways. One set is installed with the slider to the right and the other is installed with the slider to the left. The two meet in the middle, and then you have full control to open and close as you wish.

The downside is that you can end up with the blinds not looking quite right. You’ll need to think about how the slats have been added to the runner to make sure they overlap in the same way. There’s nothing more annoying than realizing that your slats look like one is sitting back to front.

You don’t just have to install vertical blinds in Burien to open back and forth. It is possible to get a set that will open the way drapes do. Now you’ll just need to decide whether you’re spending the money for the custom blinds, or you want to get two standard blinds to work together.

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