Are Roller Shades in Kent Safe for Children?

There is a big focus on having safer window coverings in the home for children and pets. Now that you’re looking to add something new, you want to make sure it’s going to be safe for your growing family. Roller shades in Kent are popular additions, but are they going to be safe for children?

It’s not just about the specific type of window covering. Roller shades as a whole come with different materials and operating mechanisms. These are the factors you need to consider to make sure your roller shades are safe.

Make Sure They’re Installed Properly

Roller shades in Kent are very easy to install in the home. A lot of people will do this by themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this—although getting a professional will give you peace of mind—but you’ll need to make sure the window coverings are installed properly. This isn’t something to do with a “that’s good enough” approach.

Items falling in the home is one of the main reasons for injuries to children. If children can reach the blinds, they’re going to pull on them and bring the system down. If they can’t reach, there is still a chance that the screws will come lose and cause injury. The best thing you can do is ensure the shades are installed properly in the home.

Get Cordless Roller Shades in Kent

Now it comes to the way the window coverings open and close. You want to get cordless options. These are the safest for everyone in the home, especially children and pets.

There are a lot of horror stories of children accidentally hanging themselves with the cords. Pets can get limbs caught in the cords. Why even have them when they’re not even that necessary for the opening and closing of the roller shades in Kent?

In fact, a lot of manufacturers have started to move away from using corded systems. You’ll find a lot, especially those aimed at children’s bedrooms, now only sell cordless options. They’re not the expensive window coverings they once were because they’re growing in popularity.

Opt for Motorized Roller Shades If You Can

What about opting for motorized roller shades in Kent? This is the best way to get rid of the cords without being limited in operating systems. Of course, there are some excellent cordless options, but motorizing your blinds will offer you more control.

You can get the room ready for a toddler that accidentally fell asleep on the couch without moving. It’s possible to time the opening and closing of the shades automatically so your children can sleep better. You’ll soon find that you want to add motorized window coverings everywhere in the home.

Making your home as safe as possible for your children is essential. Window coverings are an important part of doing that. There are some excellent options for roller shades in Kent that are safe for your children and your pets, and they don’t have to break the bank to get anymore.

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