Wood Window Treatments: What are my options?

Do you love the look and the feel that wood elements add to your home? Consider wooden window treatments to add to the atmosphere. It’s important to be in an environment which best suits a person because the average American spends up to 93% of their life indoors! Protecting ourselves from the elements is rather important to us.


When deciding that we’d like to add wood window treatments into our Stamford homes, we are faced with many options and the best choice for you depends on the kind of light control, style and durability that you’re looking for.


Are you looking for blinds, shades or shutters?



Wood Shades Budget Blinds Greenwich

For those people who are looking for complete privacy, then shades are a great choice for them. They slide up and down and keep the window completely covered, keeping outsiders from getting a ‘free show’. However, many of them do let some light in. When going for a wood option, woven wood shades are a popular option for the bedroom. They add an organic, yet modern element into the room while letting diffused light through during the day. Although they are great for privacy, they do stretch over time and let some light seep through. So, if you’re looking for complete light control, these may not be the choice for you.




Wood Blinds Budget Blinds Stamford

If you’re looking for a classic look and feel of sophistication and class, look no further than blinds. In addition to adding a great look to your home, they provide a great level of light control as well. They are a great fit for a public area of your home such as the living or dining room. When you’re wanting to throw wood in the mix, you’ll be adding warm tones which will make for a rich atmosphere. If you want wood blinds in your Stamford home, then you’re probably drawn in by the natural wood grain that they have. Nothing beats the real deal when wanting a more organic feel. They do need to have a special kind of maintenance and need to be kept away from harsh chemicals for longevity. In terms of function, they are great insulators and last a long time when well taken care of.


Another slightly wooden option is faux wood blinds as an addition to your Stamford home. Although they are not technically made of wood, they do give a similar feel to the room and are more economical than wood is. The best place to have your faux wood blinds to be installed into are places with a lot of moisture such as the kitchen or bathroom because the vinyl that they are made of can withstand it. They are easier to clean as well.



Wood Shutters Budget Blinds New Canaan

If you’re looking for an option somewhere between shades and blinds, then shutters are a great option for you. While they don’t provide light control like blinds do, they do a decent job at keeping the light out. They come in a large array of materials- including wood. Finally, they provide a great amount of privacy when wanted. If you were to want to let all the light into the room that they’re installed in, then they’re a great option as well. They are a great option for practically every room and are easy to use.


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