Window Shades: Which Style Works Best for You?

Home Automation.


A popular choice in the Stamford area, we can install electric shades and give you the comfort of controlling your window treatments through a remote or even a smartphone app. It’s a fantastic convenience, especially if you have windows that are hard to reach like skylights. No more getting out the hook rod.


Our customers love the Lutron Shades we install because they are noise-free. They’re so quiet, you could remotely close the shades in your sleeping child’s room. They are energy-efficient and the batteries can last for years before requiring a change. Maximum comfort, minimal maintenance.  


Woven Wood Shades for your Stamford Home.

A popular product in Stamford are woven wood shades. They add an earthy feel to the home while appearing delicate at the same time. Because of their natural tones, they suit almost any room in the home and blend in seamlessly. Because they are made of natural materials, they do stretch over time and require some maintenance to keep them in optimal conditions. Since they do let the light in, they can be great options for rooms where you prefer to have some light, even with the shades down.


Cell Shades for your Stamford Home


Cellular shades are a popular choice for homeowners because they are economical and provide function and style to the room that they are installed in. They come in a variety of materials and colors to fit the interior design of any given space. In addition to being economical, they continue saving you money. The cellular nature of their designs makes them great insulators, keeping the heat in when you want it and out in the Summer.


Whether you’re looking for home automation or simple shades, we at Budget Blinds of Greenwich has a window treatment solution for you. When you decide to upgrade your living space call Andrew at 203.580.3362 for your free consultation.

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