Design Trends for 2016

Your Next Design Project: Get Inspired With These 2016 Trends 

Even if you've spent countless hours fine-tuning your home's décor, there is likely something else that needs to be done. Maybe it's a room that's outdated, or one that has huge potential but you just need to figure out what   you're trying to achieve. Before diving into that next project, you need direction and inspiration.

As a starting point, check out these five 2016 trends. Because when you intentionally select furniture, window coverings and accent pieces, you can transform your room from average to amazing.

1. A Burst of Spring

Spring is an incredible time. The colors are bright, yet soft, and can totally transform the way you feel. Achieve a new look in your home by embracing the pale pink of spring. Capture the shades associated with blooms and botanical accents, and temper them with shades of gray, which are the perfect complement to lighter chalky colors.

Metals, woods, glass and ceramics can all be used as accents to provide additional textural interest.

2. More Fun, With Geometrics

Looking for a more artsy feel? If so, select bold color patterns and geometric shapes to liven up your room. Break up the mixture of bright colors by tempering them with solid black and white items.

For example, you could select fun, bright, geometric accents and opt for solid-colored - white or black - window coverings and furniture.

3. A Global Feel, at Home

Do you love to travel? Maybe you like visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures, or perhaps you haven't done so but you'd like to. Regardless, you can achieve a global feeling in any room.

Start by selecting global patterns and fabrics (think animal prints and cool embroidery choices). Select items that have a handcrafted, rugged, organic feel. Accent loud prints with soft pastels and deep grays.

4. Strong and Vintage

How do you want to feel when you enter the room? Maybe you want the room to feel strong, yet classic. If so, select dark window coverings and metal accents. Seek furnishings with classic shapes and accent pieces made from leather, copper or wire. Add natural elements for additional texture and design.

5. Upscale Glamour

Achieve a "center stage" feeling by balancing texture and shine. Furniture pieces that have vintage shapes and feels are good choices. Select fabrics that are rich, such as velvet; high-quality linens; and leathers to achieve a contrast of matte and gloss. Finish the room by selecting jewel-like accents to create a glamorous feeling in the space.

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