Five Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Yourself Healthy During COVID-18

As the state of Tennessee begins to reopen, we are excitedly planning and making healthy preparations. We’ve created a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your home clean and help you and your family be healthy during this time!

1. Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a delicious part of a healthy diet, and we are fortunate to live in Tennessee where we have access to fresh, local produce. We are especially loving the fresh strawberries that are now available! While remembering to wash your hands often, don’t forget to clean another potential source of germs: your groceries. The World Health Organization advises washing your fresh foods before eating, especially if you’re eating them raw. Before handling, wash your hands with soap and water. Then, wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

2. Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Don’t forget to wipe down countertops and tabletops often to help prevent the spread of germs. You should also regularly disinfect your phone.

The CDC recommends these tips for disinfecting surfaces in your home:

• If a surface is visibly dirty, clean it with soap and water first, then use a disinfectant.
• Wear disposable gloves.
• Make sure you have good ventilation in the area where you are cleaning.
• Use a diluted household bleach solution, or an alcohol-based solution with at least 70% alcohol. The Environmental Protection Agency has a list of cleaning products that meet its criteria for use against the 2019 novel coronavirus.
• Follow instructions on the cleaning product’s label, and check to make sure it isn’t expired.
• Wash your hands when you’re done.

This is also a good time to clean your blinds and shutters. To help ensure that you have an easy and successful cleaning campaign every time, Budget Blinds has created a comprehensive blog post for blinds and shutters. 

Budget Blinds is happy to offer free microfiber dusters whenever we meet with you. You can use these without adding any kind of polish or chemicals, just let the dusters do their magic. The dusters are perfect to help you keep your window treatments dust-free, avoid chemicals, and another way we show that Budget Blinds Cares.

3. Clean Soft Surfaces

Don’t forget to clean your soft surfaces, such as rugs, carpets, sheets, blankets, and your window treatments. Click here for tips on cleaning your fabric shades, curtains, and drapes. And did you know that all of our European Roman Shades and Drapes are completely machine washable?

4. Take Care of Yourself: Give Your Immunity a Boost

Enough about cleaning – let’s talk about you! To help boost your immunity, the World Health Organization recommends eating a healthy and nutritious diet, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking. They also recommend exercising for 30 minutes daily, getting plenty of rest, avoiding sitting for long periods of time, and talking to others when you feel stressed. All good ideas for healthy living, don’t you agree?

5. Tame Stress

During this time, many have reported that they feel stressed. No surprise there! Some popular ways to bust stress include:

• Meditation
• Deep Breathing
• Living in the Present

Sounds easy, but it can be challenging for many of us. No need to stress about trying to reduce stress! There are free apps that can help you to do just this! Calm is popular and has tools to help you learn how to meditate, plus gauge how each mediation has actually helped you. Insight Timer has many options, including ones created for this unique time in our lives, such as: Guided Imagery To Help You Remember to Wash Your Hands, and Managing Coronavirus Anxiety. Do you have littles that also need help relaxing? There are choices meant for children such as Dolphin Meditation for Children.

Budget Blinds is here to help you in your efforts to create a healthy home and also with your family’s personal wellness. We are proud to offer an array of products to fit each unique situation. Here are a few ways we can help YOU:

• We offer green-guard certified products, such as Plantation Shutters
• We have natural products such as woven woods, linen, cotton roman shades, and drapes
• We have easy to clean products such as roller shades and honeycomb cellular shades
• We have products that are anti-static and repel dust, like custom faux wood blinds
• We have products that help you get restful sleep, such as room darkening roller shades, sound-muffling honeycomb cellular shades, and combination products, including cornices and traversing draperies.
• Our convenient automated products help enhance your time at home with convenience and safety features, and timing features may also enhance security when you are not at home.

Let our team of experts work with you so you and your family feel as comfortable as possible. We can conveniently meet with you safely in your home, and we now offer virtual consultations. Our protocols exceed best practices, and include modified clean room procedures and safe material handling techniques to keep you and our associates as safe and healthy as possible. Clean. Safe. Stress-free!

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