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“Baby it’s cold outside.” – Not just a popular Christmas Carol but a bleak fact as we head into the coldest part of winter.  What can homeowner’s do to make sure that heat is not escaping through their doors and windows?  Window treatments are the best way to stay warm this winter.

Consider that most insulation in your walls has an R-value of approximately 8-13 pts.  By adding the right energy efficient treatment to a door or window, you are adding 5 R-value points to your window.  That’s like pulling a blanket over them!

So where to begin?

The type of window treatment you choose is important. One of the best single window treatment solution for insulating a cellular shade. A double cell shade is more effective at preventing heat loss, but double cells also block more light from entering the room.

Do you have a sliding glass door or French door? Consider vertical cellular shades.  The unique honeycomb feature traps the air inside, forming a barrier to the cold outside.  This will help keep your home warmer and reduce your heating bills…making your windows more energy efficient.

Fabric roman shades are lined and add a pop of color to your window.  You can opt for thermal sateen and premium blackout liners to add more insulation.  The texture of woven wood shades also comes with fabric liners – either standard light filtering or heavier blackout liners.  These layers also help to keep the cold out.

  • Snugly-fitted window treatments that are fitted inside the window frame are more efficient than those mounted outside the frame at keeping warmed air away from chilled glass.

  • Appropriately installed window treatments can cut heat loss by as much as 25 percent! (Dept. of Energy; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy).

  • Window treatments can make a room more comfortable by reducing the chill felt from uncovered windows.

  • Open treatments – particularly those on the south side of the building – during the day to allow passive solar heating.

  • Close window treatments at night to conserve heat.

  • Bundle window treatments – that is, combine two classic window treatments like a cellular shade with a drapery panel and a close-fitting cornice – to further enhance chill-busting!  When Spring comes, swap heavy draperies for sheers and lighter fabrics.

Window coverings add an inviting finishing touch to your rooms, and during winter, they can even keep your rooms warmer and cozier!  Open window treatments on south-facing windows during the day to let the sun warm your home. After the sun sets, be sure to close window treatments to keep more warm air in your home. If you have windows that need covering, we have plenty of stylish options from which to choose. Call Budget Blinds of Enfield for a free in-home consultation to see how we can help keep your home warmer this winter. 

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