Why Cordless Shades in Pittsburgh Are Perfect for Doubling Up

Cordless shades in Pittsburgh are touted as the safest options for the home. They are certainly highly beneficial for those with children or pets in the home. But this is more than just about the safety benefits.

Cordless shades can be perfect for aesthetic reasons. They offer a range of benefits when it comes to doubling up with other window coverings. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them as your base when working with two window treatments.

They Fit Within the Window

Because of the lack of cord, most of the shades will sit within the window frame. They slide up and down in runners within the window frames, which helps to keep them out of the way from other window treatments.

Sheer drapes or corded blinds are often considered instead of a set of cordless shades in Pittsburgh. The problem there is that you have a beam or a roller to work around. This means you’re limited to the types of window treatments you can double up with. You have a limit on the beauty around your windows.

Cordless blinds and shades offer more choice. You gain a look at you want.

They Work with Many Types of Window Coverings

Want a set of drapes or curtains? You’ve got the perfect option with your cordless shades in Pittsburgh. Because of the way the shades fit in the frame, the drapes will hang normally and not get in the way.

What about if you want a set of shutters? Surprisingly, you can get away with a set of cordless blinds with your shutters. You’ll need to apply your shutters on the outside edge of your window frame, but they’ll still work well.

You can also add a set of exterior shutters with your cordless blinds. You get the storm protection and privacy from the outside, while the cordless blinds are perfect for use within the home.

Cordless Shades in Pittsburgh Come in Other Colors

When doubling, you need to make sure the window treatments match. This is made extremely easy with a set of cordless features. The shades are usually made in a fabric material, which comes in a range of colors and styles.

If you want to use your cordless window coverings as a base, you can opt for a neutral color. White shades are among the most popular because they a work for all the seasons. They are easy to make and tend to cost less. They also work with every other color.

When your doubled up treatments are white, you might want to add a splash of color with your shades. This is possible thanks to the fabric. There are all sorts of options, whether you want a bold color, an intricate pattern, or something to show off your favorite cartoon characters.

If you’re looking to double up your window treatments, think about starting with a set of cordless shades in Pittsburgh. They’re the safest options for the family but also look beautiful with most other types of window coverings.

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