How Do You Know Your Drapes in Pittsburgh Are the Best Quality?

You know you want to buy drapes in Pittsburgh. They’re the most affordable and offer the versatility for the space you’re hanging them in. One thing you now need to ensure is quality.

There’s no doubt that you need quality drapes. But how can you tell from a look at a set of drapes that they’re going to be worth the money? After all, the high price tag doesn’t ensure quality at all.

Here are the top three considerations you need to make to ensure you get quality drapes.

Check Out the Hems

The first thing to do is look at the hems of the window coverings. Good quality drapes in Pittsburgh will have double-lined hems, ensuring they remain in place throughout the years. A single-lined hem can break. Once the cotton thread starts to go, the whole hem is broken. Double-lined hems are far sturdier.

Don’t just look at the bottom or the side. You want to check the hems where the hooks go or where the drapes feed through the rod. They should be made just as well as the bottom hems.

You may also want to look at any bottom weights within the hems. These are invisibly placed and help to keep the drapes hanging properly. They help to prevent the drapes flying up in the wind and possibly getting caught.

When buying online, this can be a little trickier. You’ll want to ask for samples to see how they’re presented.

Your Drapes in Pittsburgh Have Sewn-In Liners

Good quality drapes will always have a liner. This is usually sewn into the material, helping it remain in place throughout the lifetime of the drapes.

Liners are essential. The material of drapes just isn’t designed to withstand the UV rays that shine through the window. This material will break down and you’ll start to see gaps in the fabric. You’ll have to replace the material sooner than you should.

A liner takes the brunt of the UV damage, something that it’s designed to do. This way, the drapes will always look as good as new.

You don’t want to have to buy a secondary layer to act as a liner. You want to spend the money on something that has everything you need right away.

They’re a Brand You Can Trust

Take a look at the reviews about the drapes in Pittsburgh you’re considering. Look at the reviews specifically for the brand. Do people have a problem with the quality?

Don’t just look at a site where the brand is sold. In most cases, these companies only pull through the positive reviews as testimonials. You want the third-party review sites where you can check out anything negative people have to say. You may find there’s nothing negative, and that’s great, but do vet every review you find to see what’s good and what’s bad.

When you get drapes in Pittsburgh, you want quality. Take your time to really look at the items you’re finding to spend your money wisely.

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