What Type of Shutters in Shadyside Do You Need for Your Home?

You’re on the lookout for shutters in Shadyside. These are excellent additions to the home, offering a range of style and financial benefits. But you need to get the right type of shutters for your needs.

There are many different types of shutters. You’ll find plantation or colonial shutters or you may look at barn and Scandinavian shutters. They all offer something different, something more beneficial than others. They’ll also all have their own downsides.

Before you choose a shutter, you need to think about the benefits you want to gain. Here are three top considerations with the type of shutters that will work best for you.

You Want to Buffer the Noise Outside

Shutters in Shadyside can be wonderful when it comes to managing the noise from the outside. Other window treatments don’t give you this benefit as much. You’ll often still hear the cars passing or the noise of people walking past your window. The benefit of shutters is the thicker material.

Barn or Scandinavian shutters are going to be the best for this benefit. They are solid pieces of wood or faux wood, blocking the entire window. There are no gaps in barn shutters to let the sound pass through. Scandinavian shutters tend to have the cutout at the top, but they’re still beneficial for blocking the sound.

You Need Shutters in Shadyside for Light Control Day and Night

Light control and privacy are likely at the top of your list when it comes to window treatments. Light control tends to be the most important, as that’s what you’ve used window coverings for as a kid. So, which shutters are going to be best?

Plantation and colonial shutters tend to work best for this benefit. You get the louvers that you can twist, allowing the light in during the day when you want to. You then close the louvers completely on a night to block out any light that can pass through. If you need to shut out all light during the day, you have that benefit.

Barn shutters tend to just block out the light and that’s it. They don’t give you the ability to twist louvers to allow light but block glare. However, you will gain maximum privacy!

You Need Something that Blocks Heat Loss

Finally, it’s all about the heat. During the winter, you don’t want heat escaping to the outside. In the summer months, you want to keep the heat outside and keep your home cool. So, what are your options here?

All types of shutters in Shadyside are good for this. Some are just a little better than others.

If you want the maximum benefits, you’re going to want to choose barn or Scandinavian shutters. They’re solid material with no gaps for the heat to escape. Barn shutters are, by far, the best. However, you lose the light. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little heat loss (not much), plantation shutters will work beautifully.

Know what you want to gain from your shutters in Shadyside. That way, you’ll find the best types of shutters for your needs.

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