Why Cellular Shades in Pittsburgh Are the Best for Handling the Winter

Winters in Pittsburgh get extremely cold. The snow comes in around the month of November and that’s it until March. You have to deal with the up and down temperatures that can reach double digits below freezing, so you need window treatments to insulate your home. Cellular shades in Pittsburgh could be just what you need.

While being affordable, cell shades are some of the most beneficial items for the whole home. Whether you want something for the bathroom, the kids’ bedrooms, or even the dining room, you can find a beautiful and child-friendly option. Here’s why you should get cell or honeycomb shades for the winter months.

They Offer the Perfect Insulation

Let’s start with the biggest reason you’re looking for good window coverings for the winter months. You want something that will keep the heat in your home. The last thing you want is to consistently use the heating throughout the winter months. That can cost you a fortune!

Cellular shades in Pittsburgh offer a budget-friendly option that keeps the heating locked in the room. The cells are made like honeycombs, allowing air to circulate. That air comes in to get out of the window only to circulate back around and into the house. You keep the temperatures more consistent, and you get the same benefits the opposite way around in the summer.

Another benefit is the fact that the shades are cordless. They sit on a runner within the frame of your window. There are no small gaps on the edges for a little heat to escape. You’ll get something that prevents as much heat loss as possible.

They Still Allow Light In

Because of the full-window covering, many people decide against cellular shades in Pittsburgh. There’s the worry that they’ll cut out the light, which means you’re replacing your heating bill with the electricity bill. That’s not the case at all.

Of course, this can depend on the type of cell shades you get. If you end up getting the extra insulated shades, there’s an aluminum lining that can cut out some light. However, standard cell shades are light in color and fabric. They’re deceiving when it comes to the heating benefits because of this.

While you cover the whole window, the material doesn’t prevent light coming into the home. You create a minor darkening effect in the room but you’re reducing glare rather than the actual light coming into the house. You’re also reducing the amount of UV rays that come in, which offers the benefit of less UV damage to the furniture, paintwork, and flooring in the home.

Plus, if you want, you can get shades that open top down as well as bottom up. They allow light in without causing glare issues.

Cellular shades in Pittsburgh work for all needs and interests. They’re perfect for the winter months, allowing some light in without getting rid of the glare. Plus, they offer some of the best insulation benefits you could possibly need during the coldest and darkest months of the year.

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