Which Types of Window Treatments in Shadyside Work Best for Basement Apartment Rentals?

You’ve rented out a basement apartment. Whether it’s the basement of a townhouse structure or the basement in someone’s home, you’ll need to look at window treatments in Shadyside carefully.

Basement apartments don’t get a lot of natural light. At the same time, the windows can be invasive depending on their size and how they sit. Then you’ve got the issue of wanting to keep as much heat in the space in the winter as the heat rises. With that in mind, here are the best types of window treatments for basement apartment rents.

Talk to the Landlord About Shutters

Shutters are, by far, the best window treatments in Shadyside. They look beautiful, offer various lighting benefits, and keep your home safe and warm. But they’re permanent and you’re not going to want to spend the money on them in your home.

So, why not consider talking to your landlord. See if your landlord will invest in shutters. Phrase it as a benefit for him. After all, he has something that increases the value of the rental when you move out. And it increases the value of his entire home.

Consider Venetian Blinds for the Windows

If shutters are a no-go, you’ll want to look at venetian blinds. They look beautiful, offer many of the same benefits as shutters, but aren’t permanent fixtures. They also don’t cost as much as shutters.

These window treatments in Shadyside will allow you to manipulate the light and view into your apartment. It’s possible to twist the slats to make sure the sun shines through but that the view from the street doesn’t. On a night, you can completely close the slats to keep your home warmer and block out all light and view.

Get a Set of Thick Blackout Shades or Drapes

When you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to look at shades or drapes. Get a thick set of blackout shades or drapes, and you’re covered for years to come. They look beautiful, add more personality to your space, but offer the privacy, lighting benefits, and more. You’ll also want to consider sheer drapes to work with them for lighting control during the day.

Consider Doubling Up on Window Treatments in Shadyside

A great option is to have two sets of window treatments against your windows. You can have a blackout set for during the night (or the day if you work shifts or have children) and you have something light during the daytime.

It’s possible to use both of these systems at the same time. This way, you gain more heat benefits on a night and you create the perfect private environment at all hours. You’ll feel more comfortable in your home.

Specific dual systems are now available. These are usually in the form of a solar shade and a roller shade together, so you have two different shades to pull down and create the appearance you want.

Don’t spend too much money on your window treatments in Shadyside for your basement apartment rental. You’re not going to be there forever, and you want to make sure you gain something that offers you all the benefits.

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