What’s the Best Material for Solar Shades in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh solar shades are highly beneficial for both the home and business premises. They allow some light in but block out the glare. Solar shades can also offer privacy benefits during the day, while helping to manage temperature levels in the home. The type of material of your shades will affect the benefits. Here’s a look at the best material to look for in your solar shades.

PVC Coated Polyester

One of the best options is definitely PVC coated polyester. Of course, if you’re looking for a natural material, this isn’t going to work, but it offers energy efficiency, helping to reduce your heating and cooling bills. The material is also highly effective for your outdoor needs, giving you something to put up in the patio.

In fact, putting the shading outside your home is considered the best way to prevent heat building up inside. The UV rays don’t have a chance to shine into the home, preventing them from causing damage and leading to temperature increases. However, the light isn’t blocked.

Solar shades in Pittsburgh that sit inside the home don’t offer the same blocking and reflecting benefits.

It’s Not Just the Type of Material

Don’t just look at the type of material you’re putting in your home. You’ll want to make sure the Pittsburgh solar shades are made of the right thickness. You’ll need to look at either 80% or 90%, especially when it comes to exterior solar shades. The percentage is the amount of the sun’s rays that are blocked from coming into the home. The more rays blocked, the less you suffer heating and degrading.

It’s the UV rays that cause most of the problems. You’re not actually blocking all the light from coming into the home or premises.

Look Out for Woven Shades                                                                  

Another element to consider is the way the Pittsburgh solar shades are made. You want to find those that are woven. This allows some smaller gaps in the material for breathing space. After all, completely blocking the movement through the shades will cause a backlog of poor quality air.

The woven material will help to remove the dust from inside the home. You’ll end up with fewer breathing problems and low quality air issues.

Consider Natural Materials Like Bamboo

When you want natural solar shades in Pittsburgh, you may want to consider bamboo. This is more of a roller shade than a solar one, but it offers many of the same benefits mentioned above. The greatest benefit is that the material doesn’t cause issues for the environment when you stop using the shades.

Bamboo is breathable fabric and is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. It’s one of the most highly considered materials for the bathroom and other moist areas because it’s used to such conditions.

Think about what you want to gain from your Pittsburgh solar shades before you buy. This will affect the type of material you get and where you place them around your home or property.

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