What Type of Sliding Door Blinds in Pittsburgh Are Best for You?

When you have sliding doors, you likely think that vertical blinds are your only option. This is a common mistake to make. The truth is you can still benefit from a range of sliding door blinds in Pittsburgh. In fact, vertical blinds may be far from the best option for your home.

It’s time to look into each of the types of blinds available. Here’s what could work for your sliding patio doors.

Long Solar Blinds for the Whole Door

Depending on the type of sliding door you have, you could find that solar blinds are perfect. They offer a range of benefits, including allowing more light without the glare to come through the door. Your patio doors are there to let more light into the room anyway, so you want to take full advantage.

Solar blinds are also good because you can get longer options. Custom-made solar blinds aren’t overly expensive compared to some other custom-made options. You can pull them down with one cord to cover the whole door as and when you need to.

It is also possible to get a series of smaller solar options for your sliding door blinds in Pittsburgh. This allows more control depending on the style of sliding door you have.

Wooden Sliding Door Blinds in Pittsburgh

Another option is to look at wooden blinds. They take up the whole doorway, acting more like shutters than blinds. They move on hinges, allowing them to move out of the way so you can open and close your doors with ease.

You get the benefits of shutters in your home. They create a barrier against the patio doors, allowing for more privacy and security. You can still move the slats so they can allow as much or as little slight that you want to into your home. This is excellent to prevent any sight into your home on a night but utilize the benefit of the glass doors during the day.

Vertical Cellular Blinds Instead

When you think of vertical sliding door blinds in Pittsburgh, there are chances that you think of the slat blinds. They pull on and off and you can move the slats to allow light in when the blinds are completely closed. However, they may not always be the safest option for the home.

What if you could get cellular blinds but opt for more convenient and cheaper option? Cellular shades or blinds are perfect for all types of reasons and you can get them in a vertical setting. They sit in a frame, so you don’t have to worry about cords, and they move in the same direction as the doors.

If you don’t want the vertical options, you can get normal cellular shades instead. You will need to think carefully about the placement.

What type of sliding door blinds in Pittsburgh are you thinking about getting? Are you glad to know there are more options available than you initially thought? It’s time to look at the type of door you have and what you want to gain from the blinds to find the perfect options for you.

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